Saturday, December 16, 2017

Trini Christmas in Canada


PAJAROS: The CD sleeve of Los Pajaros.

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For Trinbagonians living out there in Canada Christmas time can be cold. And I mean beyond the freezing temperature. If one is unable to make it home for the holidays, one can only make the most of things by trying to bring some Trini Christmas into the Canadian cold.

This group of friends did just that some 18 years ago and have been keeping their tradition alive since. The Los Pajaros Parang Group of Ontario every year warms the hearts of Trinis out in Canada and with this new CD they are spreading that joy back here at home.

The 10-track collection offers a mix of traditional parang music along with original compositions from the band and a little soca-parang too. The first song is the very popular, "Anda Parrandero", a lively song that always gets folks dancing at those parang events. Next is a soca-parang titled, "Baila Baila" that will also get anyone on to the dancefloor from the first bar.

The quite versatile group even blends in a little chutney into the parang in, "Bhat Bhaji". Simply delightful. There is an instrumental item titled, "El Cari Cari" where the mandolin features prominently. Too many parang groups in Trinidad have replaced the mandolin with the electric guitar, but these guys still use the real thing.

The group also keeps the authentic sound alive, which is clear in the song, "Guarapo", a warap style that I am sure will have you in awe when you do hear it.

The vocalist here made me think of Gloria Alcazar from San Jose Serenaders back in the 1970s. The CD also features; "We Parangin", "Marin De Dios", "Merry Christmas", "Sereno" and "Vamos A Beleu". Remember, buy original CDs only because piracy causes musicians to go hungry.

CDs courtesy Cleve's One Stop Music Stop