Saturday, February 17, 2018

Why he wants a ‘Rolly Polly’


Mark Fraser

Unless you’re living on another planet you would have likely been within earshot of the latest soca by Kill@ — “Rolly Polly”.

Depending on which side of the scale you’re standing on, you already either love the song or hate it.

But no matter your size, don’t beat yourself up too much if you find yourself humming the song while doing something random.

The good news for Hollice Mapp also known as Mr Kill@ is that the majority of people who have come across “Rolly Polly” all love it. But he is well aware that the song is not well received by some. That said, the Grenadian singer is still all set to enjoy one of his best T&T Carnival seasons.

“London thinks the song is theirs because it was built in a freestyle I did in a concert there last June,” Mapp told us.

Once he started adding flesh to the bare bones of the song, Kill@ felt that he should touch on a topic that a lot of people shy away from — big girls.

“I felt that big girls didn’t get enough love in the dance and that they needed love too.”

Kill@ knew that the song would be controversial given the topic; but decided to take the risk anyway.

“There were times when I would sit down and question myself if I was doing the right thing by writing the song.

“When you do songs on topics like that you automatically would get a negative pullout. Now I have women sending me messages from around the world and the Caribbean saying thanks for the song — even women who don’t traditionally listen to soca.

“When the song came out August in Grenada it was the same big girls who started defending me and the song. They called themselves Team Rolly Polly.

“Every single place I perform, the big girls come up on stage.”

When it comes to women Kill@ says he loves them all but admits he has a preference for women with ample derriere.

He first heard the words “rolly polly” while watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians of all things, he said.

“It was episode 120 and Kim Kardashian was pregnant and said she felt like a roly poly. I started laughing.”

Kill@ insists that the song is not meant to offend the big girls but to empower them.

“Everybody thinks that the fat girls don’t have a sexy space in the party; I am telling them differently.

“I want them to embrace their size. All models don’t have to be Coca-Cola bottle in shape so include the buff girls too.

He believes the song would not have been as popular as it is if he used another word for chubby.

The definition of roly poly is having a round, plump appearance.

The son of a pastor mother, Kill@ used to get licks as a boy for running away from home to go to the barber shop. There, he used to listen to music the barber shop played and freestyle (rap/chant).

His dream was always to be on a Carnival stage in front of an appreciative audience. So when he got the opportunity to do soca he grabbed it with both hands. “Gouyave Alone” was his first track but the “Wood Can’t Done” was the song that got him recognised.

Kill@ competed and placed in a number of soca and calypso competitions in Grenada. Two years ago he recorded the song “Kirani City” for fellow Gouyave native Kirani James, the 2012 Olympic 400m champion.

Kill@ was due to come to Trinidad on Friday and given the buzz for his song he couldn’t wait to get here.

He is already pacing himself for the hectic season ahead and says he never forgets the Father.

“I am very spiritual — not religious but spiritual. So the first thing I do every morning is spend some time with God and meditate.”

During the Carnival season his praying schedule changes up a bit since he is out on gigs during his usual prayer time.

“After my gigs I take a sleep — to break that entertainment link and spirit. Around 10 a.m. or so, when I wake up, I centre myself again and pray.”

Kill@ doesn’t rule out singing for his heavenly Father when that time comes.

“I know one day God would take me there; and I am ready. Life is a journey.”

Asked what he is most looking forward to for Trinidad, Carnival Killa simply said this: “To have a rolypolicious time.”