Monday, January 22, 2018

Wrapping gifts the right way


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Start Wrapping Earlier

Say goodbye to Christmas chaos this year. Follow these simple gift-wrapping strategies to give family and friends one-of-a-kind packages this holiday.

Avoid a gift-wrapping time crunch and start wrapping gifts as you buy them. Add ribbons, bows, and tags later. Label presents with sticky notes so that you don't forget who gets what.

Store Supplies in a Gift Wrap Bin

Don't let gift wrap from previous holidays get lost in closets, the bottoms of drawers, and other obscure locations. Keep your tissue paper, twine, and wrapping paper organized and accessible in a single bin (one that's large enough to accommodate wrapping-paper rolls); place smaller bins filled with labels and tags inside.

After-Christmas sales are the perfect time to stock up on paper and trimmings for the following year.

Recycled Gift Wrap

Don't toss away all the wrapping paper and ribbon that once covered other gifts. Instead, run it through a shredder (cut to size first, if needed) and use it for lining gift boxes or bags

Colour-Coded Wrapping

Have a lot of gifts to give this year? Assign each family member a different color paper, and you won't even need gift tags. This is a fun way for everyone to identify his or her presents.

Make Your Own

Gift Tags

Make unique gift tags by cutting out designs or whole scenes using a decorative craft punch.

Use Fabric Remnants

Transform fabric remnants into festive ribbons or unique embellishments on gifts.