Sunday, December 17, 2017

'home Again' Shoots On Location In Beetham Gardens


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On January 31, the Canadian Film Home Again was on location all day filming at Beetham Gardens. Over 25 residents were hired as extras. Excitement was generated in the community as the film's trucks rolled into the community. Some of the crew took the time to explain the operations of filmmaking to residents including children.

Canadian Producer–Writer, Jennifer Holness was extremely pleased with how the day went and appreciated the support and interest of the folk and hopes the experience was as great for the community as well!

Lisa Wickham reinforced those sentiments: "As the Trinidad Line Producer, I really thought it was important to provide an opportunity for the people of Beetham to be seen in a different light. Having shot there before, I knew of the creative energy that exists there and ensured that the Director Sudz Sutherland visited Beetham on the location scout. He immediately connected with the Beetham as a brilliant location."

Here are some photos of the activities.