Thursday, December 14, 2017

mAS And Fashion Collide For Carnival 2012


WARRIOR: Where waters collide and leather meets spandex.

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SEXY: Where the ultimate naughty meets sophistication.

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After looking at what Carnival 2012 has to offer in terms of costume, viewing the sketches for the new presentation The Waters…Sea of Consciousness was a refreshing sight for sore eyes.

This story and concept seem like the coming alive of another dimension of mas that will be expressed as a contemporary art form represented as a moving artistic installation.

According to designers, The Norman Twins, "2012 will see mas and fashion collide on the Savannah stage. The designs will not only embody that unique chemistry of traditional mas but will inter mix scale with kinetics and intertwine storytelling with dance, poetry and the spoken word."

A production of K2K Alliance and Partners the presentation The Waters…Sea of Consciousness represents the evolution of Me, Myself and I with gulfs, rivers and seas, each wading us through the flow of life.

Costumes and designs will be executed under the guidance of 3Canal, Robert Frederick, costume engineer and former member of the Callaloo Company and Geraldo Vieira legendary veteran mas engineer.

The costumes have been designed to create a "sort of living canvas," in this way the masqueraders are invited to become characters in the living work of art.

The twins went on to explain, "Within the band there are three clusters, each cluster represents a different temperament or mood of water. Internally these clusters are known as Structural Plates, the costumes within the group are more architectural, denoting the rough undulating yet yielding nature of water.

The second is The Halycon-the costumes within this group are more fluid in design denoting the serene nature of water and the final cluster is Sheer Madness. Here the costumes are made from mesh and a peek-a-boo beading and pattern representing the transparency of water.

"Together these clusters portray the mood of each waterway and simultaneously create a kaleidoscope of colour at ground level."

The backpacks have been termed "the wavers" and have been purposely used to give the costume volume, scale and movement with the intention to create an ocean feel, an ethereal flood from an aerial view.

As these backpacks "dingolay" in the Caribbean breeze they will create the tossing, turning and undulating movement of water.

For Carnival 2012 The Waters will take you on a psychological journey through which the onlooker and the masquerader will relive the naivety that he/she experienced as a child. But as the story develops both masquerader and onlooker eventually move towards the I Am.

I Am consciousness of who I am and I revel in the person I have become.

The story of The Waters-Sea of Consciousness will be told at Sauté Trinbago on September 25. Be ready to take a dip.