prestige holdings ill treats workers

I am an employee of prestige holdings i work at a kfc reataurant in south. I worked and wen i recieved my pay i realised that part of my pay was missing wen i inquired i was told that if i dont clock out i cant get pay . I've worked there for over 2 yrs and this is a new rule that was implemented because management previously clocked workers out..It was implemented without posting up any notices for employees to be aware that if they dont clock out from now on they dont get pay. Why is it that prestige as a million dollar company dont want to pay workers what they worked so hard for. Do they think that at this day and age we are their slaves. When workers enquired about the lack of communication between mgt and workers regarding the notices of change in the clocking out system we were told that managemant cannot do anything and we cannot be reinbursed for pay that we did not recieve. somebody help because prestige holding is makin too much money to not pay its workers what they worked for!!!!!!!!!!!!

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msrh says ... on Tuesday, Dec 3 at 2:24 PM

For their lack of cleanliness and mannerism. .My medical the next day state I had contracted food poisoning bacteria that had me sick for the whole week.I just prayed that i didn't die and vouch to never eat at K.f.C Again.

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msrh says ... on Tuesday, Dec 3 at 2:21 PM

I immediately took it to the counter and I asked to see the manager.You wont believe what she said. Quote,"Well its just that the cup is dirty so dont wory we will give you another soft drink." I didn't want a replacement .I needed an apology.

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msrh says ... on Tuesday, Dec 3 at 2:18 PM

Wow i had just a terrible experience recently at K.F.C Montrose. Significant other and I bought two real deals. To my utter dismay my kfc cup that was filled with orange soft drink was full of black moss only after drinking from it I realized it.

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chicken george says ... on Monday, Jun 10 at 1:36 PM

kfc is doing great biz in trini and equally right the employees are the back bone of the rewards so in this modern time and age atleast 20 per hr shld be the starting wage.

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Young di arimakfclovah says ... on Friday, May 3 at 9:17 PM

i love my kfc in arima vry much whatever yall doing keep it up remember 100% champs with a YES attitude 100% of the time and i love my teammates no matter who you are I am a vry happy to be a kfc team member love you guyz

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anonymous also says ... on Sunday, Mar 10 at 2:03 PM

i understand 1 customer called me an b#@$ and all i could do was remember as my manager will say we looking for champs so remember the 4 moments of truth.oh he also called me the n ..... word

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anonymous says ... on Sunday, Mar 10 at 2:00 PM

Iwill like the policy that the customer is always right to sometimes they are right, particularly at kfc cunupia, customers will see that there is only one cashier and still proceed to abuse that individual.

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Anonymous says ... on Monday, Nov 26 at 3:31 PM


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KFC customer says ... on Saturday, Nov 24 at 12:49 PM

kfc is way better than rituals they treat there worker way better trust me i know they just need to raise the pay but the treat us with respect an they care about us unlike rituals they treat there workers like dogs kfc is doing a good job keep it up

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Really hurt says ... on Tuesday, Sep 25 at 6:08 PM

I have experienced a similar incident which was personal but instead of working it out i was given a suspension boy these people just don't care and tell me if i needed more time let them know what a way to handle an incident especially from a R.g.m

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worker says ... on Wednesday, Jul 25 at 11:25 AM

to d kfc customer u made a g8 point but just remember not because u r spending your money means you can ill-treat us. I kno cistoers get attitufe from workers but we also receive the same treatment. 4 u it may b a dead end job pray tables dont turn

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worker says ... on Wednesday, Jul 25 at 11:20 AM

i think management needs to understand their role altho its a micro management system they must also remember they were where we are at before . I fthey dont like the way they wee treated then its the opportuity for them to make a change.

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Customer says ... on Wednesday, Jun 13 at 11:42 AM

To the staff of PHL I would advise that you visit the Ministry of labour and state your case. They in turn would act directly with PHL Management. What you can also do it you are being victimize is join an indepentant union and they will act for you.

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john says ... on Wednesday, Apr 4 at 12:15 PM

hard luck alyuh

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vr says ... on Thursday, Mar 8 at 7:23 AM

I think Prestiege don't care once they make their money. The Management team they elect don't have the capability or know how, on how to manage effectively. It's a shame they don't realise how important their employees are. I once worked for them.

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Anonymous says ... on Monday, Sep 5 at 9:52 PM


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guy says ... on Monday, Aug 22 at 4:11 PM

i a a kfc worker i reached to work 10 mins late an was sent back home by my supervisor 2 other ppl reached 20 mins after me an was allowed to work could some body please explain to me if this is not bious??????????? or spitefullness????????

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sautta says ... on Monday, Aug 22 at 4:09 PM

kfc needs one ting professionalism from prestige to management. its great to c management are dose who served years an moved up the ladder but hthey need to be trained trained trained. personal issues should never coem in the way or judgement

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KFC, PIZZA HUT, T.G.I.F. you name it! Is d same horror says ... on Friday, Aug 19 at 10:52 PM

Wats d purpose of Human Resources at PHL wat do they do to protect their employees from the unsafe and inhumane working conditions dey face every shift. Is the politics within the monopoly. All VP getting paid thousands 2 treat d workers with 0 value

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Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Jul 14 at 8:09 PM

KFC employees will always av 2 go thru dem tings because they are afraid of Albert he is ah bully with no understanding wicked ole man remember d evil u do today lives after u tomorrow think bout datt member God bigger dan U SO CONTINUE 2 EXPLOIT PPL

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Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Jul 14 at 8:00 PM

KFC is making enough money in this country YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY they cant pay me a decent wage because they also demand alot.They dressin mgt in shirt and tie and killin dem out 4 dog money

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none says ... on Thursday, Jul 14 at 7:53 PM

kfc the whole thing about it is just fake.mgt are being forced to work overtime and they dont get paid 4 it neither do they get paid 4 public holidays then they expect them to b nice to staff and in turn they want the staff 2 b nice 2 customers

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No longer a customer says ... on Friday, Jul 1 at 10:31 PM

After waiting for over an hour, the delivery man showed up with a missing box . We still waiting on that box. KFC's service cannot get any worse. But please note KFC, Princes Town, we coming for a refund. We paid but you did not deliver !

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c.mayers arima says ... on Sunday, Feb 20 at 1:28 AM

supervisor m.singh arima branch just told customer he was an idiot and she dont care if he fill out a customer service card cause if have plenty and she dont give a f**k. come on prestige holding..... check this out please

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anonymous says ... on Sunday, Jan 2 at 3:26 PM

If these wokers are not getting paid they should take up their grievances with the Ministry of Labour who turn should send a warning letter to the Manager of Prestige Holdings. In this day and age workers need an honest days pay for a days work.

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KFC Lover says ... on Thursday, Dec 30 at 8:47 AM

...A trusted partner has serious doubts about your Quality Standards.

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KFC Lover says ... on Thursday, Dec 30 at 8:46 AM

I am appalled and disappointed, luckily Mr. Prestige you did not get a Lawsuit in your full pocket - (KFC Piarco at GAS STATION PLEASE DO NOT SERVE ROTTEN CHICKEN AGAIN) I thought there were timelines for the shelf? CLEAN UP YOUR ACT PLEASE because

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KFC Lover says ... on Thursday, Dec 30 at 8:43 AM

Mr. Kernel I love your sumptuous taste but "bad" experiences can really hurt a brand. I thought you would be the safest and most reliable out of several other fast food outlets but after being served ROTTEN CHICKEN @ KFC Piarco (Newly opened) I am

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A customer says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 12:32 PM

Tunapuna KFC have the worse delivery service

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deoriginaltrikidadian says ... on Monday, Nov 29 at 10:05 PM

and the service is lousy too.

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Trini4So says ... on Wednesday, Nov 24 at 12:15 AM

Well if u have to clock in/out to get ur pay then y don't u clock in/out??? Is it that difficult??

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trinifuhso says ... on Tuesday, Nov 23 at 12:19 PM

At least one commentator seem to know what goes on behind the counter at K.F.C.!! To deny anyone their wages because of a new job policy is illegal in most instances. Poor communication, however, is a human relations problem that must be corrected!

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Anoymous East/west says ... on Sunday, Nov 21 at 8:40 AM

I am also and employee of kfc and it was put in writing and verbally said that staff has to be responsible enough to clock in and out on time and that mgt. will no longer be able to ajust the time clock.My mgt. reminds us and we don't have that prob.

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Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Nov 18 at 9:34 AM

I feel empathy towards the employees for not getting wages due to them, and mgmt needs to provide Notices either verbally or in writing to notify staff on any changes that is being made before implementing that change.

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Ida Le Blanc says ... on Monday, Nov 15 at 9:52 PM

Workers have to join unions, workers need unions now more than ever, and don`t make excuses by bad mouthing unions, you get the leaders you elect, workers have to not only join but also to participate in the union activities,especially elections.

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Ida Le Blanc says ... on Monday, Nov 15 at 9:40 PM

Obviously, the workers will hand down the treatment they are getting from their employers unto the customers. If employers will treat workers with respect and give them their just dues > I know workers will be more courteous and productive, but emplo

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KFC Customer says ... on Saturday, Nov 13 at 3:22 PM

And you all in turn ill-treat your customers. Do you all really feel better about yourselves when speak to customers the way you do? A total lack of respect I tell you. And then you all wonder why you are in a dead-end job. No people skills thats why

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