Friday, September 16, 2016


Brace for bad weather

Sep. 7, 2016, 2:24 PM AST Comments

Parts of north Trinidad has been hit by bad weather, with torrential downpours leading to flash floods.

Earl downgraded to tropical storm after drenching Belize

Aug. 4, 2016, 8:58 AM AST Comments

BELMOPAN, Belize (AP) — Hurricane Earl was downgraded to a tropical storm early Thursday after slamming into the coast of the Caribbean nation of Belize with winds of 80 mph (130 kph) and moving inland over Guatemala and Mexico with heavy rains.

Trinidad and Martinique rattled by earthquakes

Aug. 2, 2016, 1:39 PM AST Comments

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Aug 2, CMC – Two earthquakes, measuring 4.0 and 4.3 respectively, rattled Trinidad and Tobago and the French Caribbean island of Martinique on Tuesday, the Trinidad-based Seismic Research centre of the University of the West Indies (UWI) has reported.

Brief showers flood Port of Spain

Jul. 26, 2016, 5:51 PM AST Comments

Late morning rainfall on Tuesday was the cause of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in downtown Port of Spain. The downpour, which lasted no more than 10 minutes, brought things to a virtual standstill on lower Charlotte Street and along South Quay in the vicinity of the City Gate transportation hub.

Met Office issues riverine flood alert

Jul. 15, 2016, 3:56 PM AST Comments

The Trinidad and Tobago meteorological service is maintaining the Riverine flood alert for Trinidad, having regard to the current rainfall activity associated with the inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) that is now being stimulated by an active tropical wave. As oppose to street and flash floodi

Piarco under floodwater

Jul. 15, 2016, 11:3 AM AST Comments

In the aftermath of heavy rainfall on Thursday which left several communities in South and Central Trinidad under flood waters, including over 500 residents in the electoral district of Longdenville/Talparo, other areas are also experiencing flooding.

Unwelcomed flood in Welcome Village

Jul. 14, 2016, 12:13 AM AST Comments

RESIDENTS and commuters of the Longdenville/Talparo electoral district have been left stranded in the area as flood waters rose in their community on Thursday.

Creek chaos

Apr. 27, 2016, 10:21 AM AST Comments

THERE was standstill traffic along the flooded South Trunk Road in the vicinity of the Mosquito Creek, La Romaine on Wednesday. Motorists were stuck for hours during the morning commute.

Heavy winds topple trees, blow off roofs *

Oct. 8, 2015, 10:18 PM AST Comments

TREES were toppled and the roofs of some homes blew away like confetti as Trinidad and Tobago continued to experience heavy gusts of wind yesterday, much like those of Tuesday morning.

Hurricane Joaquin batters Bahamas, ship missing in storm

Oct. 2, 2015, 12:9 AM AST Comments

UPDATE 6:30PM: Hurricane Joaquin destroyed houses, uprooted trees and unleashed heavy flooding as it hurled torrents of rain across the Bahamas on Friday, and the U.S. Coast Guard said it was trying to reach a disabled cargo ship with 33 people aboard that lost contact during the storm.