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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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She hits the runway and simply stuns you. All eyes are riveted on her. But then that’s Jamaican model Jeneil Williams she is in all respects quite the stunner. Read more »

  • The phenomenal Jeneil Williams

    THERE comes a time in a model’s life when her career plateaus, when the Ad campaigns and the jobs don’t come as fast and furious as they once did, when her look which was considered ‘in’ is now ‘out’, when she’s not as in demand as the new ‘it’ girl on the scene. And yet, if you have been charting the career of international model Jeneil Williams and the major success she’s enjoyed over the years as much as we at Woman have, you’d realise that this long-legged Jamaican stunner has not only remained relevant in the fast-paced and ever changing fashion industry but in the eight years she’s been modelling, Williams has achieved milestone after milestone and keeps rising. Read More »

  • Journey From King To Queen

    A few months ago Jevon Lola King won the title of Miss Trinidad & Tobago/ Universe 2014, an accolade many young women have aspired to achieve. King definitely wasn’t the cookie-cutter pageant queen type. However pageants were something that always interested her despite her very playful and boyish days. No one expected her to go on to become our representative at the Miss Universe pageant, but that she did. Read More »

  • ‘But I have to go to football’

    Dear Readers: What did you say? Your 19-year-old son wants to become a father? When you approached me at a certain mall over Christmas, I was dumbfounded at such an unusual and also rather ridiculous desire by such a young man. After talking to you for a while — and seeing that you were so (rightly) troubled because you also did not approve of the 18-year-old girl he was “mad” about — I readily agreed to try to find the column I wrote a few years ago when I interviewed a very young man about parenthood. Well, here it is including some of his words that I had left out before. I do hope this may scare your son just a little! Read More »

  • Sex is not always the best driver

    When you are making decisions, sex is not always the best reason for doing so. Unfortunately, many decisions are sex-based. And it turns out that many of these sex-based decisions are foolish. Those who have slept their way to the top of the corporate ladder would disagree with me as would many in the entertainment industry who did likewise. Read More »


    It was finally here…My favourite time of the year — Carnival. After all it was the only time of the year when I “came out”. I don’t hit the nightclubs during the year; actually I am usually under low, in hibernation, until January! And so habitually, annually, I would plan strategically for the event I looked forward to. I did my exercise; in fact I lived in the gym from November to February careful not to over-consume Christmas treats, drinking lots of water and dropping soft drink and excessive carbs. This year was no different. Read More »

  • ‘A Principal of Fitness’:

    This week as we continue to explore fitness-for-life, I am pleased to introduce to you Mrs Anna Pounder. She is the Principal of St Joseph’s Convent in Port of Spain, a wife and mother of three children and just months shy of 50. This month she celebrates ten years being healed of cervical cancer. She thanks God every day for the fact that she became aware of the disease in its early stage — stage 1B — and therefore was able to pursue the necessary treatment. She also strongly believes that her fitness lifestyle played a major role in her journey of healing and she marvelled at the way in which her body was able to bounce back from the trauma of surgery and chemotherapy along the way. Read More »

  • Devoted to building a child’s confidence AND MORE

    AT the surface of this story is one woman, mathematics teacher Araceli Marchan who, along with her friend Dr Jillian Sigamoney came up with a genius idea to create the I Can Learn Program which develops and builds a child’s confidence thereby increasing his/her ability to learn. Read More »


    We continue to bring you the ‘lighter side of…’ your favourite upcoming or established artistes with 15 random fun facts about them. Many of their idiosyncrasies may have escaped you over the years but they’re willing to share their ‘secrets’ with you! Read More »


    Q: Do you feel that the TV series and movie Sex and the City have legitimised women friends openly discussing their sexual relationships amongst each other? Read More »

  • 12 Mascara TRICKS for flirty lashes

    Putting on mascara isn’t exactly rocket science: remove wand from tube, swipe, swipe again, look appraisingly in mirror, nod at self, and put wand back in tube. Seems simple—is simple. But as well as our swipe-and-go routine has served us, we can’t help but feel we’re missing something. We’ve watched pros do this oh-so-basic beauty move a hundred times, and where we get a slightly chopped-up fringe, they create mile-long lashes that would make Kim Kardashian cry. Read More »


    1. What quality do you like most in women? Their compassion Read More »

  • Agriculture is IT

    “Trinidad and Tobago in ah recession lady. Just now is only planting garden and agriculture will save us. Not only poor people yuh know but the ordinary man and woman. Is best everybody pick up dey garden fork now cause the times to come will be real rough!”. Read More »

  • Anita Ramroop

    Former Caribbean Airlines flight attendant Anita Ramroop is a freelance model and owner of online and in-house clothing and accessories store, House of Glambition. The Penal resident is also a prime pick for T&T’s most sizzling soca videos and Carnival band launches. Her popularity in the soca arena skyrocketed in 2014 through her starring role in the seductive video for soca artiste, Olatunji’s “Wining Good”. Read More »

  • Spunky, Sexy, Confident & Focused That’s Anita Ramroop

    I Love her spunk; there is no disputing that,I was also impressed with the sexy, playful, cheekiness she displayed in Olatunji’s “Wining Good” video and I wondered to myself when I first saw it, “Who is this woman?” Read More »

  • Lystra Cudjoe Now Cancer free

    LAST September, Lystra Cudjoe was about to begin the battle of her life after her doctors confirmed her breast cancer had returned. She was initially diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in 2007 and underwent intensive rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Read More »

  • ‘Are Abs Made in the Kitchen?’

    This week, in the words of Fay-Ann Lyons, I am seeking to “raze” the tempo a bit and to turn the spotlight on nutrition for the benefit especially of all those thousands of ‘training masqueraders’ at home, in the parks or in the gyms. To be frank, I may be an article late with this popular topic as I believe that, not only at Carnival time, but as a general fitness for life guide, you should most definitely include nutrition during any of the stages of behaviour change that you are embarking upon, whether contemplating, preparing or in the action stages of making fitness a lifestyle. Read More »

  • With YOUR comfort in Mind

    Have you ever stopped to think just how close your breasts are to your heart? If you haven’t, just stop for a moment, look down and place your hand onto your chest. Chances are, if you are trying to feel your heart beating, you have to encounter your breast tissue along the way. Read More »

  • Bashing men as an excuse

    It’s easier to point fingers at men than to point to yourself for relationship failures. However, in so doing, make sure you aren’t conveniently taking the easy way out. Men have a history, as portrayed in the media and as told by women from their experiences, of messing up the relationship. Read More »


    Q: I have not yet had an orgasm, with myself or anyone else, although I have come close many times. Read More »

  • SWISS-based make-up artist Zalina Walchli to provide Carnival Glamour

    Carnival masqueraders and partygoers are in for a treat as Swiss-based make-up artist Zalina Walchli will be in Trinidad and Tobago to share her talent. Read More »


    Knowing that she desires being a formidable force in the music industry, Adana Roberts, who tip-toed into the limelight as “Princess Adana”, has begun to evolve. She has rebranded and will now be simply known as “Adana” as she searches for her niche. Read More »

  • 15 RANDOM FUN FACTS ABOUT Stuart Silva

    Writer’s Note: Starting this Carnival season, we are introducing a new feature that highlights 15 random fun facts about (maybe) your favourite upcoming or established artiste. It’s sometimes a little titillating to get some insight into the ‘other side’ of personalities, even if they are some of their quirky factors. Read More »

  • Fredricka Whitfield you need to look and sound more professional

    Dear Readers: Last week I started a conversation on high blood pressure and gave some signs (that I know well), however, I must also stress that sometimes - in my personal experience - low blood pressure may also give some similar signs. On re-reading my column I may have given the impression that some doctors do not advise on exercise! I erroneously left out that some really, though saying so, do not. Read More »

  • The Frenzy... the Euphoria... he is taking us to CLOUD 9

    It was the perfect fete scene. The frenzy, the energy, the euphoria... Popular soca artiste Lyrikal (Devon Martin) was on stage at the Massy Carnival fete singing his hot Carnival 2015 release “Cloud Nine” to the delight of patrons. Read More »

  • The Paper Queen

    Brianna McCarthy’s 2014 ended with two powerful lessons. First, that the art she’s freely shared on social media could be lifted and sold by a foreign business entity without her knowledge, let alone her permission. Read More »

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