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Friday, December 19, 2014

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Editor's Note

When writer Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson first told me about Karen Stollmeyer I knew we had to feature her. Read more »

  • The Holistic Life of Karen Stollmeyer

    They are peaceful in their stables but quite cognisant of a stranger in their midst. The first stallion, Storm, looks at me as if he is smiling while his comrade in the cubicle, Boogie Blues, opens his mouth as if he is saying something…Their faithful custodian, certified and licensed Speech and Language Pathologist and Hippotherapist Karen Stollmeyer, admires her charges and I see the human/animal bond. Read More »

  • coping with infertility

    We’re told that Christmas is for children. Churches focus their attention on the birth of Baby Jesus to the Virgin Mary; marketing departments spend a fortune trying to convince us of the perfect gift for youngsters and the highlight of the actual day is often seeing their joy as they discard bows, wrapping paper and boxes to get to their presents. Read More »

  • Ladies, stop making sex tapes

    Stop taking naked pictures too. It is not worth it. They do not deserve it. It will come to no good. Read More »

  • Pear-shaped body

    Everything you need to know if you’re blessed with a gorgeous pear shaped body. Read More »


    It’s difficult to conceal your disappoint when you receive certain gifts for Christmas, isn’t it? Some people are completely wary of receiving yet another bottle of perfume or a regular home appliance or a shirt, Read More »

  • Jewelled Make-up for THE Holidays

    Christmas allows many women who usually stay away from make-up at other times of the year to come out of their comfort zones in full swing. Read More »

  • Self-expression in Art

    THIS is a story of one woman’s grit and resilience a single mother’s determination to start a new life against all odds. Read More »

  • This Is What Kitchens Will Be Like in 2025

    It’s exciting to imagine the kind of comforts and improvements technology will bring in years to come—especially in a room as widely-used and adored as the kitchen. Read More »

  • Gala performance of the ballet

    Dear Marguerite: I had a crush on this guy that likes my friend. Recently, another guy told me that he likes me and wants a relationship. I willingly went with him and on our one-month anniversary he broke up with me. Read More »

  • Weird Sex Laws You Won’t Believe

    America may be known as the land of the free, but it has more laws than you’d expect governing what you can and can’t do in the sack—not that you’d attempt most of those things anyway. Although these regulations are so outdated they’re hardly enforced, they still remain on the books. Read More »


    Contrary to the article’s heading, this is not about the men who physically and verbally control you. Rather, this is about the “mental enslavement” to men some of you consciously and subconsciously allow. Let me explain. It’s true that the majority of you desire true love. You wish for a man to love you unconditionally, adore you, understand you, make you feel special and secure, and most importantly, commit only to you. In having your desires fulfilled, some of you, unknowingly or knowingly take on a different persona. You become obsessed, and in so doing, you invite some of the most undesirable men into your lives. Read More »


    Q: My boyfriend and I have been together for three years and have a loving, caring relationship. However, in three years we have only had sex (meaning actual intercourse) once due to my fear of getting pregnant. I am on the pill, and we used a condom. How can I learn to relax and enjoy sex with the man I love? Read More »


    “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… everywhere you go”... that lyric line rings true at this point in time. On a global scale, people are hustling and bustling around their respective cities seeking gift and household bargains, just simply getting engulfed in the festive atmosphere that can erupt during the Christmas Season. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    At first glance Natalie Perera looks like any typical beautiful Trinidadian woman of East Indian descent; but she is not. Read More »

  • Introducing Classically Trained Actress NATALIE PERERA

    SHE is no stranger to Shakespeare…Classically trained actresss, Natalie Perera, has played the legendary role from Shakespeare (Anthony and Cleopatra). A graduate of the Royal Central Drama College, UK, the prolific actress has other big stints under her belt such as Mukul Ahmed’s A Golden Age and Epidemic at Southwark Playhouse. Read More »

  • The Coffee Guru

    A good cup of coffee is a daily ritual for most people; to Laila Ghambari it’s her life – a brew that has fuelled her success. Read More »

  • Is life better for the other woman?

    The other woman, I assume, is hardly ever, if ever, loved by you. That somewhat unusual statement stems from the fact that in rare instances, a woman is happy when her man or husband has found another woman because she can now leave him. Baring those rare occasions, if you are in a relationship, or married and your man is seeing someone else, you experience a range of feelings toward the other woman — typically not warm fuzzy ones. Let’s face it, you hate that b****. And although she might make your life miserable, it does not necessarily translate to her having a wonderful life being with your man. Read More »


    Twiddling her thumbs after she graduated earlier this year was not an option for Alicia Francis, a flourishing vendor of paper and paper-based products. In under six months, she has built a solid customer base that continues to grow. Read More »


    There is a saying which refers to the ‘account ability’ of a person; especially when they go shopping. “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it”, the saying goes. Read More »


    At Christmas time, are you the same person you were between January and November? Characters can surely change as the season unfolds with the feasts, emotional Christmas ballads or cheerful carols, frenetic household activities, and maybe even the surrendering to commercial bidding. Read More »

  • Holiday Dressing

    With the season of Christmas upon us, how are you dressing up to celebrate your special Yuletide events? For many of us, this is the hardest question ever and the reason is not because we do not know what to wear, but because we do not have the appropriate foundation garments to appreciate and enjoy a diverse wardrobe. Read More »


    Q: My husband and I are in our mid 20s and have been having sex with each other for about five years. We’ve always had good, mutually satisfying sex and the frequency with which we have sex has increased lately to about four or five times a week. Read More »

  • Late Brides are Desirable

    Many have dubbed June the official season for brides but there are also brides who choose to tie the knot later in the year. Read More »


    Dear Marguerite: I have a small problem that needs to be handled. My husband constantly walks around the house without his shirt and two nights ago, after I had cooked a lovely dinner and decorated the table, just to get into the upcoming Christmas spirit, he sat down at the dinner table that way. I will admit he had had a couple of beers, etc. Read More »

  • A la Calvin French…

    “I wanted to recreate the charm and style of the Côte d’Azur; the French Riviera. Home of one of the earliest gambling spots in the Mediterranean, the Festival Place, the Cannes Film Festival…sadly, Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed spent their last days together on his yacht shortly before they were killed in a traffic accident in Paris. Read More »

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