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Friday, November 28, 2014

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October 11th, Toyota Soccer Centre, Dr Pink Field, Dallas, Texas, USATrinidad and Tobago Football Queens, Maylee Attin-Johnson and Kennya “YaYa” Cordner were very composed before their warm-up match, a prelude to playoffs in their campaign for the 2015 Canada Women’s Football World Cup. Read more »

  • Guts & Grit

    It takes grit to do what they do and a strong sense of self and maturity to accept the final decision—win, lose or draw. Read More »

  • Sadia’s Day Spa

    WALKING into Sadia’s Day Spa is like walking into a dream. With its moulded ceilings, chandelier lighting, and soft, soothing music playing in the background, the ambience and spa experience is as relaxing as it is luxurious. Located in Lot 2, Phase 2, Pax Vale Santa Cruz, Sadia’s Day Spa is owned and operated by Sadia Ali. “I always had a great passion for the beauty industry,” says the aesthetician and body therapist. Read More »

  • Want to shape up fast?

    You should try one of our favourite methods of training: Tabata. Think high-intensity intervals, incorporating hardcore 20-second bursts of exercise split up by 10 seconds of rest. Exercises include anything from squats to star jumps. Repeat these 30-second routines for eight bouts for an effective workout that will not only improve your endurance, but also help you perform better for longer at maximum effort, while boosting your metabolism - even after your workout has finished! Warm up with two minutes of jogging on the spot, then leg swings, to help loosen your muscles and get your body revved up for the session. Read More »

  • Universal Beauty

    Have you ever wanted to be in a pageant? Or just be made up to look like a beauty queen? Read More »

  • Friends with benefits

    The thought of occasionally or frequently meeting up with someone for consensual sex void of emotional involvement might sound salacious to many. However, friends with benefits (FWB) as such an arrangement is called, is not for everyone. There is another term for such an arrangement called, “F Buddies” and I can assure you that the “F” does not stand for friends. If you are considering having a FWB arrangement or having someone as your F Buddy there are some rules you should be aware of before deciding if it’s for you. Read More »

  • Remembering the Mirabal Sisters

    ON Tuesday November 25, the world will commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Groups and non-governmental organisations will take to the streets around the world clamouring for an end to violence against women and girls. It is worth reminding ourselves that the United Nations set aside this day in honour and remembrance of three brave sisters who were killed on November 25 many decades ago for opposing a cruel dictator and his regime. Read More »


    An American woman saying “Don’t start none, won’t be none!” is equivalent to a Trini woman saying, “You go ahead wit’ me!” Read More »

  • River Come Down

    Guyanese singer, songwriter and flautist, Ruth Osman, has been performing since childhood. Her passion for music has led to her appearance in a variety of events — from the church stage to national and international concerts. Read More »

  • Re-igNIting Her Fire

    Q: My husband and I used to have sex a couple of times per week. Then about four years ago, I stated to lose interest. We both figured it was due to stress. Unfortunately, I’ve gone from being uninterested to despising the idea and act of sex. For about a year and a half, whenever my husband wanted to have sex, I’d do it, as I’d always read that if you just do it, you’ll get in the mood as you go along. But that didn’t happen with me. It got to the point where during the act, I’d get so sad and frustrated about not wanting to do it that I’d cry quietly as we finished. Read More »

  • Kim Kardashian controversy

    Madam Kim Kardashian has done it again and bared her parts for all and sundry to see, as the older folks like to say. Oh, this wasn’t the usual ‘use my hand to cover my vajayjay or boobies’ photo shoot. Her ‘where the sun don’t shine’ kind of territory was on full display too! Did you ever wish that you could corner someone in a room and ‘intensely’ express your feelings? Read More »

  • Bra Tips & tit bits

    Getting dressed on a morning has its challenges. The first layer of clothing also known as our foundation garments can be the cause of discomfort on a daily basis. Read More »

  • How Dare YOU?

    Dear Marguerite: I consider myself a professional young woman in the marketing/sales field and I sometimes encounter rather ticklish situations, which I am not always sure how to handle. As I have always found the information in your columns to be very useful both on and off the job, I hope you can answer these few questions for me. Read More »

  • ...with SEEMA PERSAD

    Personal Highlights “I am living my dream job presently. Not many of us get to do this. Being a radio personality had always been a dream of mine, since the age of 13.” said Seema Persad. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    She’s awesome and that is putting it mildly. She is also the envy of many women who would love to have a body like hers. But Reshma Razac, this unabashed fitness enthusiast, does not want women to just stand on the sidelines and envy her. Instead she wants them to emulate her and become healthy and physically fit. Read More »

  • Reshma Razac

    Gourmet a la muscle- Body fitness model and co-owner of Bodybyimran fitness/supplement centre, Reshma Razac is savouring the taste of her green fig and tuna combo in the lobby of the Club Savannah Gym, Queen’s Park Savannah. Read More »

  • Changing the public’s view on entrepreneurs

    OPRAH Winfrey, Bill and Melinda Gates and Richard Branson. What do they all have in common? They’re all successful entrepreneurs with equally interesting stories about how they rose from barely nothing to become the world’s movers and shakers. Read More »

  • Holiday Make-up Trends

    Heirloom Mix? Technakhol Eyeliner? Red, Red, Red? Viva Glam? If you never heard of these phrases, let me introduce you to the Christmas season’s make-up terms from Global Giant Cosmetic Company, MAC. Read More »

  • Can your man be stolen?

    Perhaps you should stop saying that another woman stole your man or you should stop believing that another woman stole your man. Until I’ve read a news caption similar to, “Woman steals man from his woman at gunpoint”, I’m going to stick to my very strong conviction that men don’t get stolen, they leave—voluntarily. Okay, let’s say that these men have indeed been stolen. Of these stolen men, how many have made frantic phone calls back to their women asking to be rescued or begging to get law enforcement involved? Read More »


    SINCE November 2013, cousins and entrepreneurs Crystal Thomas and Michele Williams have been making women feel and look more beautiful. For the past year the Chaguanas-based Serenity Oasis Salon and Spa owned and operated by Williams and Thomas has been providing top notch services ranging from hair care, manicures, pedicures, nail art, make-up application and massage therapy. But their dream of owning their own business didn’t happen overnight. Read More »

  • YIPEE!

    ON an early November morning under a cloudless sky, six-year-old Matheaus La Foucade climbs out of the swimming pool and heads straight towards the table his mother, Saira Joseph - La Foucade, is seated at. Matheaus is covered in droplets of water and as he meanders his way across the yard, his wet swim trunks leaves behind a trail of small puddles of water Read More »

  • Dealing with bullying as an adult

    When we hear the word bully, we tend to think of the big kid on the playground using his considerable size to dominate or intimidate those smaller than him. We think of snacks or lunch money being taken away in school or name-calling, hitting and other actions being performed by one child against another. But bullying isn’t just an issue among children in primary and secondary schools. Read More »

  • The One & Only Imran Razac

    “How bad do you want it?” Fitness instructor and owner of Bodybyimran Fitness Centre, Imran Razac asks his client (a former football player) this question in view of the 100 pounds he lost and the more he hopes to lose. “Bad!”- the client shouts and with this affirmation he completes his kettle-bell work-out at the Club Savannah Gym. Read More »

  • Which Is Better: Solo Workouts or Social Ones?

    Most fitness lovers do one of two things: They claim their gym-time as me-time and work out exclusively by themselves (with headphones on, mind you), or they rely on others and stick to packed classes and gym dates with friends. Read More »

  • She was beautifUl, spiritual & physically will always be with us

    Please forgive me if this column is sad and deeply personal, but it illustrates the boding of a deep and committed marriage. Below is an excerpt of my column of March 31st 2013 when I shared the funeral that I attended in Miami for Dr. Sydney Suite the well-known Trinidadian who was married to my cousin Karlene. Read More »

  • NOOR Xmas Style

    On November 5th the Noor Fashion House showcased the Holiday 2014 Collection at the Chinese Association in St. Ann’s. The rustic environment proved to be a blank canvas for the designer’s third collection entitled SPECTRUM. Read More »

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