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Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Editor's Note

She has made her mark in other areas of her life, but this confident and controversial woman is now determined to make her mark on the political landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. That’s Jowelle de Souza, the transgender who made history in Trinidad and Tobago several years ago when she underwent sex alignment surgery. Read more »

  • Jowelle de Souza

    Dear Lorrie, My name is Taylor Jowelle de Souza and my story began some 18 years ago. When I was a child I felt that I was in the wrong body and so I knew at the age of nine that I had to fix things. I “fixed” things at the age of 19 with the support of my parents and family! Then, I worked my way up the financial ladder to become a success in the beauty business, and today I live a life full of love with 12 wonderful dogs of my own, 300 more in my Animal Shelter, Animals Alive and plenty responsibility for eradicating social ills as I am the voice of the vulnerable and marginalised. Read More »

  • Make-up for jewelry

    Following fashion trends can really bring a new dimension to your complete look. Today I want to deal with one of the most important details when it comes to choosing make-up. I can’t emphasise enough how often things can go wrong when adding accessories to make-up looks or vice versa. It can sometimes be too little or most times too much. Read More »

  • Sharon Rowley

    “What’s in your beauty bag?” This was the first question posed to Sharon Rowley during our fun interview and immediately she said she is the consummate minimalist when it comes to beauty application. Our interview centred around beauty makeovers, her beauty essentials and how she interprets beauty in everyday life…. Read More »

  • One of the top female deejays on the local circuit

    Vanessa Nicole Ferere has mixed and sampled many a thing in her 28-year lifespan. But for the past four years, the mixing, sampling and scratching has been due to her full-time work as one of the top female deejays on the local circuit. Read More »

  • Partners for life!

    At 73 years old, both Dolly and Corinne definitely raise the bar when it comes to ‘fitness for life’! They have been exercising together for over 20 years, and for many more years on their own. For the duration of my career I have had the privilege to witness these two ladies Read More »


    She is a mother, she is a daughter, she is a wife, she is a sister, she is strong, she is sensual, she is passionate, she is nurturing, she is beautiful… She is woman! Read More »

  • Should You Take Him Back?

    We are all probably guilty of making silly mistakes in life because we aren’t perfect and/or emotions got the better of us. However, our imperfections should not be seen or used as the perfect excuse. The older we are the more thoughtful we should be about our decision making. We should carefully weigh the pros and cons and avoid putting ourselves in compromising situations etc… such Read More »

  • A freak in the sheets

    “Girl, hmm! I still can’t believe it! … “Nicole, if you see how quiet this girl looked and the boyfriend looked so ‘normal’.” … “I mean, I would never think SHE was into dem kind of things. I wasn’t expecting that at all!” Read More »

  • Richard Young Commssioned as Creative Consultant with government of Antigua

    Continuing his prolific career as a sought-after branding strategist in the Caribbean region, Trinidad-born fashion guru Richard Young has joined forces with the government of Antigua. Young has been commissioned as a Creative Consultant with the Ministry of Sport, Culture and National Festivals, the portfolio which is currently held by the Honourable EP Chet Greene, M.P. Minister Greene is also the Minister of Trade, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Read More »

  • Very dIfficult to get a refund

    Sometime ago, you wrote about a very upset staff member who was handled badly by a senior supervisor who lacked leadership skills and you advised how the staff should try and work it out with her supervisor. I am a supervisor and I want to know if you realise how difficult it, is in this day and age, to get staff to work Read More »

  • Visions of beauty and style

    At this time of the year a woman likes to dress sexy and cool and the climate is ripe for that. The atmosphere in Trinidad and Tobago is dry. It is sometimes super hot during the day but evenings are cool and a bit breezy. Read More »

  • 21 Questions with... Carol Jacobs

    Still turning heads at the age of 61, Carol Jacobs epitomises true class and integrity. A household name, along with her husband, Carl, she has always exuded a cheerful and down-to-earth personality, a trait that has made her endearing to males and females alike. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    Very few people from as young as age seven know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. They usually say one thing but as they grow they change their minds and set their sights on something totally different. Read More »

  • Turning her dream into Reality

    WEEK after week, issue after issue, Woman shares the uplifting and true stories of inspiring women who dared to dream big, women who, despite facing a wall of obstacles have forged ahead to turn their dreams into realities. But it’s very rare to find someone who as young as age seven knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life and pursued her passion with enthusiasm and zeal. Read More »

  • Life Philosophy and her strategy for corporate success

    Achieving a balanced life is unique to an individual’s circumstance and one’s own measure of happiness and success. I believe many people struggle with this because they use a criteria set by others rather than staying true to their own determination of what success looks like to them in each area of life,” declares Koscina Sookram-Quintal, the managing director for ENGAGE Co Ltd (formerly Engineering Agencies (Caribbean) Limited) Read More »

  • Physical Activity and Nutrition

    As we continue exploring all dimensions of Fitness for Life, we turn the spotlight today on Nutrition. Good nutrition is indispensable to a fit and healthy lifestyle. On the road to health and fitness, we need to keep a critical eye on the quality of our daily food and drink intake Read More »

  • Tobago Strong Fashion Chat

    The concept of fashion seems to be as effortless as the models who parade in the clothes. But what is fashion really? Fashion, for some, is a cutting board – cluttered with ideas, white chalk, material, pins, needles, thread Read More »

  • Why is it difficult to find the right man?

    Finding the right man, while seemingly the desire of many women, appears to be the most elusive goal or the eternal struggle of many of these women. It’s important to understand, and many of you do, the clear distinction between finding a man and finding the right man for you. Read More »

  • 24 Hours in my life WOW!

    “Wake up Lorraine! Come on this is your final wake up girl, get up nah!” It’s the commanding voice of my husband Andre Ferguson trying to wake me up on a Monday morning to start my day. I say a morning prayer. I grumble and I steups Read More »

  • Are You Updated Yet?

    Hi readers it has been a while, if I may say so myself. But I must assure you that I have a very good reason for not coming back sooner with new tricks and fabulous make-up tips. I have been busy putting together great looks to share with you. It is also my social responsibility as a make-up professional to observe the trends in the consumer market and what all my make-up lovers are gravitating to more naturally and not just what is being marketed to you. So I spend some quality time observing and then report back. Read More »

  • Dispelling the Myths and Misconceptions Once and For All

    THE status of women in Islam is and has always been a hotly debated topic. But if you were to ask any Muslim woman what she believes is the biggest misconception about Islam, more likely than not, she’ll says it’s the widespread belief that Muslim women are oppressed, that Muslim women don’t have a say, can’t hold their own and are dominated by men. Read More »

  • Why women are choosing not to have children

    More women are opting not to have children than ever before, according to new data released by the US Census Bureau. The data, which focused on women ages 15 to 50, show that childlessness continues to be on the rise in the US Read More »

  • The Large Fork Is a Dinner Fork

    I need to know if I can bring hot dishes to the table covered in foil to keep them warm and should I let the guests take off this foil paper themselves? My husband says there is nothing wrong with keeping the foil on the table. In fact, he suggested a role of foil should be kept on the table. Read More »

  • Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan Looks Stunning

    Fringe or no fringe, India’s stunning beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the most comfortable being a cover girl. She might not have stepped on a film set for a while, but she wants you to know that she’s been right here. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    It seems as if Alicia Powell, now officially known as Basia Powell, is one woman always open to new chapters in her life. She is fierce in more ways than one and excels as a professional woman, wife and mother. This woman, who is ever empowered by the challenges she encounters, overcame breast cancer a few years ago, a period described by her as very uncertain. Read More »

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