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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Editor's Note

Many people who are not Muslim have had a dim view of the religion simply because there is a lack of understanding of what exactly is Islam. But after September 11 and the attack on the United States I must admit many had an even darker view. Read more »

  • Islam: the true esSence of what it means to be a liberated woman

    THE TALL woman is dressed for the occasion (Iftaar, an interview, a day at the mosque) — electric blue and black hijab, long stylish black skirt, black top and blue inner blouse. Read More »

  • Amiela Razzaq

    LADIES, how many times have you been tempted to paint your lips a sultry red a la Beyonce or Taylor Swift but you were too afraid of stepping out of your house with such a bold look? Professional make-up artist Amiela Razzaq has some tips you might want to use in order to achieve that perfect red pout, but more about that later. Read More »

  • Proud to be Muslim

    Farah Mohammed-Shah, at 32 years old, lives a fulfilling life with her husband and daughter and son, aged nine and three years old, respectively. Read More »

  • I Am Not Oppressed

    I am a proud Muslim-American woman, and I am tired. I am tired of being told that I am oppressed. That I have no voice. That I need to be liberated. Read More »

  • Walk off the weight 10 minutes at a time

    If you have trouble fitting fitness into your schedule, great news: Researchers found that shorter bouts of exercise—even as brief as 2 minutes—totalling 30 minutes per day Read More »

  • The Majestic Eagle or Common Fowl?

    “She doh talk to nobody eh,” was the refrain of many as I was growing up. I’m sure it is still said today, but I am never really around to hear it much less do I have the time to care. Read More »


    Following fashion trends can really bring a new dimension to your complete look. Today I want to deal with one of the most important details when it comes to choosing make-up. Read More »

  • I don’t live in anybody’s shadow

    Controversial. Charismatic. Passionate. Patriotic. Comedic. Cool. And controversial again. It’s so amazing how many things you can learn about a person through personal tweets on Twitter. Indeed I perused Fuad Abu Bakr’s Twitter page before I actually interviewed him. Of course, I was privy to the newspaper articles and past TV news inserts on the 28-year-old political leader of fledging party, New National Vision. Read More »

  • You can leave but I’m not leaving her

    The quandary of some women in relationships strikes a personal chord with me because I have two teenage daughters. Whenever I read the e-mails and Facebook messages of women I frequently imagine what if they were from my daughters. Read More »


    Dear Marguerite: I read your column often but must confess that, at the moment, I do need some guidance about certain types of plates and I refer specifically to side plates. Read More »

  • COLOUR... Refreshing, Inviting, Cool

    The Cara Suites in Claxton Bay and the view of the Gulf was the ideal location to capture the beauty of fashion unveiled here. Read More »


    Married with one child, Fiona Branker has held various positions throughout her life. Formerly a Reservations Assistant at then BWIA and Sport Development Officer, she now delves professionally as a women’s fitness specialist and radio personality. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    There are enough resources on this planet to provide food and shelter for each and every human being. Yet to my horror there are people who are cold and hungry while there are others enjoying a luxurious lifestyle without a thought or care for those who are suffering. It is a reality that irks me to no end. Read More »

  • Extending a Strong Helping hand

    VANESSA Krystal Harrikisoon is only 24 yet she has already been a finalist for the Young Woman of the Year award at the Network of NGOs of TT for the Advancement of Women awards ceremony in 2012 and the community based organisation she founded and spearheads Read More »

  • Exploring selfhood and the Contemporary Experience

    This is a very emotional time for artist Reah Lee Sing. For the first time since leaving a successful career in advertising to pursue art full time, Lee Sing will be exhibiting her work beginning on July 23 at the Medulla Gallery on Fitt Street, Woodbrook. Read More »

  • Why be the good wife

    We can tell these wives to continue being good wives, adhere to your wedding vows and don’t allow his behaviour to change you. Be ethical, be moral, and respect yourself and your vows even if he doesn’t respect his. Asking the question does not imply that one intends to be unethical, break her morals or ignore her vows. Read More »

  • Being tobias

    Wir sind Weltmeister! It’s German for “We are the Champions.” It’s the phrase German national, Tobias Schulze Frenking screamed at Movie- Towne last Sunday when team, Germany defeated the Argentine outfit to win the 2014 World Cup. Read More »


    Make-up has become a revered commodity within recent years, and Black Opal has been and still is one of the most popular and effective make-up lines and brands within the beauty industry. Read More »

  • foods that are bloat offenders

    Sure, eating three helpings of pie won’t do your waistline any favours—but neither will eating three helpings of broccoli. Read More »

  • Sl*t shaming isn’t hurting us, it is hurting sl*ts!

    I had not known about trinihomewreckers.com until I read Stephanie Leitch’s “Sl*t shaming is hurting us” sometime ago. Now that I know, however, props to creator of the website, Krystal Bleu; wish it was around some years earlier; there are some people I would have liked to put up there. But moving on Read More »

  • Frustration

    am extremely frustrated about the inability to get my passport. I am supposed to travel to Washington, making a connection in New York in August. The lack of service here in this situation has disturbed me greatly. Read More »


    The adrenaline paced High Street, modern charm of the artsy SAPA and unique architecture bordering the cool Harris Promenade gives San Fernando an untapped volcanic energy yet to fully erupt. Read More »

  • Determined to recreate the pageant industry

    TAKE note of this name —Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo —because she’s here to recreate the pageant industry in Trinidad and Tobago. When Vanessa was announced as the new national franchise director for the Miss World /T&T beauty pageant, no one could have hoped for someone more talented or experienced to take the reins. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    In exactly 15 days the decision would be made and the winner of the coveted title of Miss T&T/World will be revealed. Not only is excitement ripe in the air, but the six competing delegates are hard at work going through their gruelling paces for the big event. Deneille Jack, Jessica Didier, Sarah Jane Waddell, Dena Marie Blanc, Afeya Aneisha Jeffrey and Shanea Acosta, are pulling out all the stops to ensure success. Read More »

  • Elements of culture and heritage

    “I fell in love with the gorgeous Chaconia flowers on a recent walk in the Botanical Gardens. Another example of beauty that surrounds us that we sometimes overlook ... there are so many other examples which I will continue to feature over time. Read More »

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