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Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Editor's Note

I can safely say with no apologies that Dr Tonya Welch is a hyper-competent woman. And when you check certain boxes under her name it seems as if everything is happening for her and there is nothing she has not done. Read more »

  • Simply Phenomenal

    ONE can easily feel a tad inadequate while in the company of Dr Tonya Welch. For starters, she’s drop-dead gorgeous, intelligent and extremely talented. With envy-inducing qualities such as those, it’s any wonder that she doesn’t suffer with a superiority complex. What I found missing from this 29-year-old was a sense of entitlement or that vibe you get from so-called accomplished people who act like they are better than others. Read More »

  • ‘Trinbagonian’ is First Black Woman to be Appointed Executive Director of hiv REHAB GROUP

    The Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation (CWGHR) quietly made history on February 16, 2015 when it appointed the first black woman Executive Director of a National Partner Organisation in Canada’s HIV response. The Board of Directors of CWGHR is pleased to announce that Tammy C Yates has been selected as the new Executive Director (ED). The selection was made after an extensive national search and recruitment process, which was managed by executive recruitment firm Odgers Berndtson. Read More »

  • My Experience Child birth the Caesarean way

    In my introductory article I had promised to share with you my experience with respect to keeping fit during and after my pregnancy. But reflecting on that experience of being pregnant and becoming a mother, I must say, it is much more than just being physically fit and ready; it entails mental, emotional and spiritual readiness. In parts 2 and 3 we will look at pregnancy and exercise (pre/post workouts and recommendations) .Today I share my experience on the pregnancy journey. Read More »


    Obviously, there are many who are currently abstaining from meat, alcohol, sex and sundry other acts that they consider to be vices. After all, it is the Lenten season. The quintessential “meat mouth” dismisses the temptation of even the most delectable curried duck dish; the most chronic “limer” may opt for mere carbonated soft drinks; and the freakiest man or woman easily curls up for a night with Netflix. Read More »

  • Stress Linked to Poor Recovery from Heart Attack in Women

    Younger women who have suffered heart attacks go through more stress than their male counterparts, and that could lead to a worse recovery, according to new findings by Yale School of Medicine researchers and their colleagues. “Women tend to report greater stress and more stressfu Read More »

  • The Heart of an artist Lynda Parris

    It’s a cool Saturday mid-morning. Maracas Bay, nestled in the hills of Northern Trinidad, is busy as usual. Remnants of Carnival tourists pass by soaking in the post-party salt and lively locals are having their routine sea bath and Saturday beach lime. Lynda Parris is sitting behind her jewelry booth amidst the bustling bake and shark vendors. Her table is adorned with some of the prettiest jewelry — pearl necklace and chain sets, shell accessories, dazzling bracelets made out of stone in vibrant colours, friendship bracelets, and patriotic jewelry for adults and children. Read More »

  • I know I’m not the only one

    Sam Smith’s powerful song, “I’m Not the Only One”, underscores and highlights the emotional pain associated with knowing that your man or significant other has someone else. Some women are tormented being in such a sad and unfortunate situation. Interestingly enough, sometimes the man doesn’t have to confirm her suspicions, she didn’t’ need to confront him she just knows that there is someone else. Read More »

  • D' Calypse Girl

    MEET Claudia Smith, also known as D’Calypso Girl, - Venezuela’s Ciudad Guayana Calypso Monarch of 1979. In the 1970s and 80s long before the term cultural ambassador was ever popularised, Smith was doing her part to promote unity and cooperation between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela through music. Read More »

  • What You Should Know

    SHARON AND MIKE-In New York City, cohabitation with your SO is almost as much a rite of passage as getting lost on the subway or the inevitable regret after buying a $15 cocktail. But, for a long time — at least, before I moved here — I was convinced that I would never move in with a significant other before he put a ring on it. However, when my boyfriend and I moved here and his job demanded that he be out of town four days a week, we realised that living separately wouldn’t just be a questionable romantic decision, it would be a terrible financial one. Read More »

  • NICOLE takes Women’s Leadership to a new level here AND ABROAD

    Nicole Joseph Chin is no stranger to the world of breast care and advocacy. Having focused on this subject as an element of her social enterprise — Ms Brafit, this courageous woman has single-handedly defined the importance of breast health to women via her retail operation as well as via educational events such as seminars in Trinidad and the wider Caribbean. In 2011 she was selected by the US State Department as a participant in their prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program and in 2012 this saw her engagement to meet with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Read More »

  • Too much skin showing for the weather report

    Thank you for the columns over the past years. You have made me become more aware of the importance of etiquette in our lives. Your column that was featured January 18, 2015 encouraged me to write to you because I wasn’t sure where I could vent my issue. My local stress has to do with our female “weather girl” on a certain channel. Read More »

  • T&T Women’s Revolution in dressing

    Let the sun shine on their agenda... this is fashion for the CEO, the President of the company, the Chairman, the journalist and the woman sitting in the financial director’s chair. It is all about the way the businesswoman rocks the workplace. Read More »

  • It’s all about... The Rundown

    Riveting interviews with soca artistes, musicians and producers throughout the Caribbean — my favourites are a breakdancing session with Mr Killa and an up close and personal reveal with soca songstress, Terri Lyons. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    It’s all over, all the wining, jamming and bacchanal of the last several weeks with the exception of the humming of the infectious soca which captivated our minds and still beats repeatedly in our heads. And as we settle back into our normal day to day routines the non-Carnival participants do so with a collective sigh of relief, while the die-hard masqueraders sadly shift their minds away from the revelry with a sigh of regret. They note that the Carnival is over and they have to wait another year before it sounds its musical horns once again. Read More »

  • Boxing Beyond The Ring

    I have shared this testimony with the girls and women I mentor and teach at my programme- Boxing Beyond the Ring (BBR), all the time. Actually, it’s this sacrifice which made me embark upon such a programme in the first place. An introductory programme to boxing and self-defense, whereby participants spend six weeks training under the guidance of qualified coaches, the aim of BBR is to educate people about the benefits of the sport, the fact that boxing is a sporting opportunity as well as a socially uplifting and developmental tool. Read More »


    As a young girl growing up in Wisconsin, USA, Nicole John-Jack grew up hearing mainly music of the Country and pop genres. “There were about 2,000 people living in my town. We had whites and Native Americans, two Mexicans and one Chinese boy who was adopted. That’s it.” The faint racial diversity made her curious “about what was out there in the world beyond that town”. Read More »

  • 70 & loving it

    Ladies, this week we pause for inspiration, along our journey of fitness for life. And providing us with that inspiration is none other than Pauline Nelson-Clarke. It is amazing to see Pauline train and do her fitness routines! At age 70, her movements are nothing short of remarkable. Women and men alike in the gym, both young, old and her peers admire her every move. Read More »


    It’s almost inescapable. Browsing through popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you are bound to come across posts and images of women, from all walks of life, engaged in the practice of “waist training” also known as “corset training”. As with most trends, we in Trinidad and Tobago are on the ball. But what exactly is “waist training/corset training?” How is it done and what are the intended results? Read More »

  • He only wants sex

    The woman told me that the man she is currently seeing only wants sex. He is never around when she needs other things to be taken care of or really needs to pour out her emotions but he shows up faster than Superman when she wants sex. I asked her to tell me what he told her initially. Surprise! He told her he didn’t want a long-term relationship just a short-term one. Read More »

  • 6 Fetes in four days

    Carnival 2015- Take One. I felt like I was in a movie, a short film to be exact- moving from scene to scene. But it wasn’t a slow paced romance or drama; it was an action-thriller. Carnival action encapsulated into the final few days before Monday and Tuesday on the road. Indeed, my season of revelry didn’t start with the first Olatunji release nor did 2015 usher in a fete mania as the season was short. Read More »

  • 15 Random factS you did not know about MR RENZO

    He has become more visible and popular over the last few years and the ladies can’t seem to get enough of him. When you see Mr Renzo at an interview or anywhere other than the stage, he seems so laid-back and fairly shy. However, in many of his music videos, he is quite mischievous and appears very much the ladies’ man Read More »

  • Finding Love Despite the Odds

    WALKING arm in arm and dressed in matching blue T-shirts, Felix Cazoe and Lisa Hills step off the streets of Port of Spain hoping to escape the early morning sun bearing down on all and sundry in the capital city, in exchange for the cool air conditioned comfort in the lobby at Express House. With each cautionary step they take, their walking sticks make a slight click-click on the tile floors. Read More »


    The last song has long played on the music truck and you hobbled to the car and then to the house, found the last ounce of strength to shower and promptly went to sleep. By now, pieces of costumes have been discarded, you’re still nursing the areas of skin affected by sunburn, and, well, the fretting about repaying the Carnival loan has begun. Read More »


    Well, it’s all over now (except perhaps the crying of some young women and men who deeply regret what they may have done — in wild celebration — without thinking). However, I too have been thinking seriously about making a resolution: and that is NOT to ever go back to Panorama again. Read More »

  • Reflections of Carnival Tuesday

    Reflections of Carnival Tuesday ...captured through the lens of famed photographer Calvin French... Read More »

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