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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Editor's Note

Darcel de Vlugt has vitiligo, an autoimmune disease. She was diagnosed at age five. The beautiful de Vlugt has appeared on British, Japanese and American television in interviews to speak about living with the disease. Read more »

  • Darcel de Vlugt

    FROM the moment Darcel de Vlugt publicly came forward in 2009 to speak about her personal experiences living with vitiligo and create awareness about the autoimmune disease which she was diagnosed with at the age of five, several articles have been written about her, some accurate, some a hodgepodge of details that are true and false. Read More »

  • Valentine Rostant

    BEING the history buff that I am, I felt like a kid in a candy store while leafing through The Angostura Historical Digest of Trinidad and Tobago which a dear friend loaned me. Read More »


    With all of the threats to freedom of expression and freedom in general in various parts of the world, how can we here in our beloved land of Trinidad and Tobago celebrate the significance of true independence? Read More »

  • SEX after Menopause

    “Is there sex after menopause? This is a question my patients often ask me. And I’ve got good news for them. Certainly, if a woman wants to be sensual, her later years can be just that. Research consistently shows that people can have and enjoy sex into their 8th decade of life. Read More »


    I receive so many e-mails from young women, or from parents wanting information on how to direct their daughters on what type of make-up to use. Read More »

  • Do you give what you expect?

    We should always try to be objective, impartial and fair. That we all have inherent biases and prejudices has never been doubted. However, we sometimes tend to see ourselves as perfect and without blame. We don’t necessarily view ourselves in this state from a pompous standpoint. Sometimes it’s all subconscious. Read More »

  • He came, he saw, he conquered and wowed the crowds

    Recently featured in Express Woman, international model and Facebook sensation, Alexander Masson, was dressed in trendy shorts and T-shirt, modelling a designer collection for the elite Red Runway Fashion Show. Read More »

  • A CENTENARIAN reflects on a different era

    Sangre Grande is lively. Red, white and black flags are everywhere and Independence Day celebratory bliss is in the air as Trinidad and Tobago celebrates 52 years of independence this year. Read More »

  • Signs Your Date is Cheap

    Money is a sticky dating subject, and one of the top reasons couples break up. While flashy shows of overspending may indicate someone who is foolish with his funds, a date who keeps his wallet on total lockdown is also flying financial red flags. Read More »

  • Please sit up straight

    I have a few questions for you. I do not think in all the years of your writing this most interesting column that you have answered the following: Firstly: Please advice about the rule that it shows extremely bad manners to place one’s elbows on the table during a meal. Read More »


    What woman does not love a well tailored man? In some cases a man who is decked out from head to toe can be summed up in one way — Simply Irresistable Read More »


    Afeya Jeffrey is 22 years old and a former pupil of Holy Name Convent, Point Fortin, Holy Faith Convent, Penal, and the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. Her days of learning have turned to teaching as she now teaches Biology, Integrated Science and Dance. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    Yomatsy Maurineth Hazlewood de la Rosa is a headturner. She walks into the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, unassuming and cool and heads turn. In fact, some admirers do a double turn. Read More »

  • The 2nd Black Woman in 15 years

    SHE made history on June 12, becoming the second black woman in 15 years to be chosen to represent Panama at an international beauty pageant. And with the date and venue of Miss Universe 2014 still to be announced, the reigning Miss Panama/Universe 2014 is hoping to make her country proud and make history again by bringing home the coveted crown and title of Queen of the Universe. Read More »

  • United in ART

    AT her home in Chaguanas, artist Margot Tidd is busy working on her latest painting. It’s of a colonial style building — one of Margot’s favourite subjects and while the outline is practically complete, she is still fussing with the sky making sure it’s perfect or at least close to perfection. Read More »

  • A Good Head & a Good Heart

    The yearly tradition which sees new lawyers “called to the bar” is an event filled with much pomp and grandeur. Even passers-by stop and admire them dressed in their black robes and striking white collarettes, as they walk from the Civil Registry to the formal ceremony at the Convocation Hall in the Hall of Justice. Read More »

  • FACE OF T&T Finalists in Tobago

    We are a Republic laden with aquatic beauty around us. This Face of T&T (FOTT) 2014 photoshoot was born from the love of our sister isle, Tobago, and the wonders of the Buccoo Reef! Featuring the incredible H2O Plus skin care line, the Top Ten finalists were treated to a range of products, including the Face Oasis Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser, which deeply cleanses their facial pores while gently revitalising their skin. Read More »

  • Animal Brothels MY WORD! WHAT NEXT?

    Well yes! “We reach!” “We really reach!” When animal brothels, also known as bestiality brothels exist in this world, “yuh know dis world reach!” Animal brothels are legal in Denmark, Norway and Germany; yes, you heard me correctly. Animal brothels are legal in Denmark, Norway and Germany; and “animalsexuals” or whatever it is they are calling themselves, are now demanding the right to have sex with animals in other countries. Read More »

  • The Comparison Trap

    If you are like most women, you spend way too much time comparing yourselves to others, wishing you were young-er, smart-er, pretty-er, thin-er, creative-er, rich-er, and the list goes on and on. Instead of embracing your own unique gifts, you covet those of your friends or co-workers. Read More »

  • Divorce your way to happiness

    I don’t believe that two individuals in love with each other, legitimately get married only to purposely divorced months or years later. In lieu of calculated marriages, most individuals enter marriages with hope, brimming with love and with great optimism for what their future holds. Read More »

  • Get a sexy back

    What muscle groups does it work? This exercise targets and tones the upper back, shoulders and thighs. If that wasn’t enough, it also strengthens the core while challenging your balance, making it a very effective move to include in your workout. Read More »


    Writer’s Note: Wait for it… Seriously, wait for it… The modern woman has made significant strides in the world. Coming from days when our female ancestors could not or dared not work publicly or at all, women can now choose and enjoy any desired profession. As a woman reading this, you’re probably loving being a woman, right? We have arrived! Wait for it… Read More »

  • This is so exciting but are we safe?

    Have you ever had déjà vu? Have you ever also had a “gut feeling” that something would just not go right? Let me start with déjà vu. I just heard on CNN that 24 odd people are stuck on top of one of those thrill rides at an amusement park in Maryland, USA. The ride (or is it the park?) is called Six Flags. That is so déjà vie. Read More »

  • Nothing like a great pair of jeans

    YOU can dress it up, make it sexy and it is a staple in any woman’s closet — THE JEANS! We all know you just can’t beat a great pair of jeans...no matter what you do. The jeans is in the starring role this week. Don those jeans ladies! Read More »

  • how to protect your skin

    We love the sunshine and the feeling of having a (very) subtle sun-kissed glow, but skincare is extremely important. The sun may be glorious, but it can be a danger zone for your skin. So, stay safe in the sunshine this summer with Paul’s top tips... Read More »

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