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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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It’s a perfect match: Frances De Lancey and the stage. Lights, camera, action and she is immediately transformed without any hesitation whatsoever into the intriguing characters she is often called upon to portray. And from all indications those familiar with her talent as an actress agree that she is a performer of immense presence. Read more »

  • Growing Her Talent

    As I sit in my dressing room in Tobago re-reading my lines for the scenes of my role (Lorainne) in the soon to be released movie — The Witness — I get a déjà vu. Whew! I have really come a long way from being that miserable little girl who didn’t miss an opportunity to give trouble. Thinking about it, even back then I was an actress. I recall always rushing to answer the telephone as I loved to put on a secretary voice and sound like a professional adult. Oh and the prank calling business — I would use a variety of impressions leaving the recipient both angered and amused. Read More »

  • Dare to Dream

    Dare to Dream…Unearth your passion and hidden talents at the Coco Velvet International Fashion Workshop 2015. The workshop is designed for youth between the ages 13 to 21 years who are keen to pursue careers in the fashion industry; Programme Director is Christopher Nathan, fashion management consultant. Nalis will host the CVI Fashion workshop 2015 from June 5 - September 27, 2015 at the National Library and Information System Authority, Abercromby Street, Port of Spain. Read More »

  • Diane Malchan: ‘Give him Praise’

    Meet Diane Malchan from Arima, one of the most ‘fiery’ female fitness instructors and all round fitness competitors in Trinidad and Tobago. Her exuberance for fitness has seen her achieve many titles in the field of fitness. Some of her accomplishments include Ms Fitness Trinidad and Tobago in 2000, 2nd place; 1st place Team Aerobics Routine (with Simone and Vanessa Gonzales) in Nestle National Championships in 2001; Eastern Caribbean Bodybuilding and Fitness Champion in 2003 Read More »


    Even in the 90s, young women were rarely seen among the throngs of Spiritual Baptists. Miriam Hypolite and Carlene Haynes, however, are two young women who have chosen to be molded in their spirituality as Spiritual Baptists. Read More »

  • A sailor with Gusto and Bravado

    I am all ears listening to the bravado challenge Trinidad and Tobago Olympic sailor, Andrew Lewis embarked upon in January 2013. It was a record-breaking sail which he braved to the delight of excited spectators who were avid followers of his sailing career which began at the tender age of six. When he completed the island sail challenge, more than the green spotlight was on him; all the news channels featured his feat. But then again, Lewis is no stranger to the limelight. Read More »

  • Where are these men?

    She’s looking for the men who view a relationship with a woman as a partnership. Men who don’t see women as inferior, relegate women to cooking him a hot meal, cleaning the house and taking care of the kids while he, the man, works and provides for the family – monetary. “Where are the men who don’t see women as sexual objects?” she asked. Read More »

  • Why Do We Shame Women Who Get Plastic Surgery?

    Elissa Strauss wants to ban the idea that our inner selves and our outer selves are at odds with one another. When does “faking it” serve us, and when does it hinder us? This week ELLE.com is exploring a wide variety of topics, including why we accumulate fake friendships, why we’re so quick to judge a woman who surgically enhances her features, and Read More »

  • Senorita, please behave yourself

    I received the worst customer service I had ever come across while at one of our very popular malls just outside of the Port of Spain area. I was just window shopping, when I remembered that I needed a cosmetic item. I decided to try a particular drugstore in the mall. When I walked in, I spotted the item on a display rack nearby, so I walked over to it. No one came to ask me if I needed assistance so I selected an item. I then realised that the one I chose off the rack had on no price tag. I vainly looked, without success, at some others like it and still could not find a price. Read More »


    With cool ocean breezes coming off the Atlantic Ocean, the sounds of waves beating the shore, music fills the air with excitement and delightful chatter rings through the island - Tobago Fashion Coda 2015 is here. This year’s theme is set to showcase “Tobago Strong”, portraying Tobago’s culture, food, art, music and most of all its beaches, where Resort Wear is always welcomed. Read More »

  • Why the Woman Who ‘Has It All’ Doesn’t Really Exist

    You know that girl who “has it all”—perfect job, relationship, body? No, you don’t, because she doesn’t exist, argues Barnard College president Debora L Spar in her explosive new book Wonder Women. Her radical message to you: Stop trying to be so good at everything. I’m pretty sure I remember the moment I knew I was having it all. Read More »


    Trinidadian Zara Bartels now lives in London, England, having forged a successful career in dance. The soon-to-be 34-year-old holds formal accreditation in Dance and History and has held positions throughout her career such as Dance Captain of The Lion King and Media & Arts Recruitment Consultant. Currently, she is the Operations & Team Development manager for a music tech company named ROLI. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    Dianne Bissoon is one hell of a smart individual and is determined to introduce us to something new and innovative in television viewing. Originally from San Fernando, Bissoon migrated to the United States with a dream to succeed and can today boast that she realised more than she ever envisioned in the way of success. Read More »

  • Inspiration, Vision & Ultimate Passion

    Dianne Bissoon is sitting on a sofa in the Hyatt Regency hotel and delighting in her home culture. She has just landed from her current home in Miami, USA, some months after the launch of her pet project and contended ‘Netflix’ of the Caribbean- MAS2 TV and the pre-launch enthusiasm is ever-present in her tone. Read More »

  • Unmasking the problem of Endometriosis

    ENDOMETRIOSIS. For millions of women and girls around the world this word symbolises years of suffering agonising menstrual pains, most often, in silence. For others, the word ‘endometriosis’ draws only blank stares and that’s because although endometriosis is quite common it is also misunderstood and its symptoms and the countless women who report such symptoms are often downplayed and not taken seriously. But if you are among the many who have been diagnosed with endometriosis or you suspect you may have the condition, there is hope, assures chief executive officer at Endometriosis New Zealand, Deborah Bush QSM. Read More »

  • Audi in CFW 2015 Partnership with Pulse

    The world’s premium auto brand Audi, continues its partnership with the Caribbean’s leading fashion brand Pulse, for the production of what is expected to be the seminal presentation of Caribbean Fashionweek in 2015. This year, Pulse introduces its new concept of Total Fashion. The Audi, Pulse, CFW partnership is a long standing one, started in 2008. Read More »


    I’m sure you are all familiar with the saying that water is essential to life. We are all encouraged to drink water daily for its importance to our health and well-being. On a wider scale, we need water as a basic utility for our daily living needs, personal and domestic. Today I want to focus on water and the role it plays in the performance of exercise/sport. Many times we ought to be reminded about this vital nutrient since lack of it (or even too much of it) can affect us in more ways than one. Here are some areas of interest: Read More »

  • Baldness Affects Up To Half Of All Women

    Men aren’t the only ones who experience thinning hair in their lifetimes. You may have inherited your father’s blue eyes — and your mother’s thinning hair. If the condition runs in your family and you’ve noticed your hair looks thinner than it did a few years ago, you may have the beginning stages of female pattern baldness. Read More »

  • How badly do you want the relationship?

    A healthy, loving and committed relationship takes work. A healthy, loving and committed relationship that two individuals want takes less work but nonetheless work is required. What does “work”, which is almost always invoked, when talking about relationships and marriages really mean? Read More »


    “Flying high with style” seems like an apt phrase to align with Aisha Gooding. The flight attendant has forged an international career as a stylist, boasting clients from as far as Canada. “I like people and I interact well with people. I just love meeting people of different cultures and perspectives and I love what I do. Read More »


    BELLE WEDDINGS magazine, targeted to brides planning a wedding in the Caribbean, has been recognised by the Caribbean Advertising Federation for excellence in overall layout and design. The magazine snagged the Read More »


    Is it just me or do women seem to have collectively adopted a more aggressive attitude towards men, whether it be approaching a man for the first time or stating that she’d like to take things to the next level. No longer are some waiting for a man to make that decision as to when, where and how. Read More »

  • I am a survivor of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

    Have you ever started watching a horror movie and you keep wondering when you will see the happy ending? Scenes that evoke an emotional onslaught of pain, hurt and despair. It seems like too much to digest. This is how I feel when domestic violence survivor/mentor, Nester Flanders-Skeete talks about her experiences in a violent relationship. Read More »

  • Easter is all about COLOUR

    It is time for pastels to rebel. Its all about the fresh, clean look; a sensational burst of pinks, reds, mauves. Small hair... light colour for the lips or soft pink.Shoes are a little strong with gold. Bags are not to be left out as the colours are also bright and strong. All to make EASTER a powerful blast of dizzying colour. Colour signifies happiness and laughter. Bring it On. Read More »

  • Don’t Be Tempted

    Last week, I gave you ideas for a rather fabulous post wedding reception for your only son. Well, I got three calls that Sunday morning one, of course, was yours and all making the same statement, “You forgot the dessert!” Yup, I forgot the dessert. Now when entertaining like this have you ever forgotten the dessert? I put my forgetting down to carelessness and a slight touch of perhaps being at times a little absent minded when multi-tasking? Read More »


    Farmer Nappy (Darryl Henry) is probably considered as one of the most, if not the most affable male soca artiste in the local industry. From teenagers to retirees love him wholeheartedly. Over the years, he has released memorable tracks that include “Flirt”, “Pavement”, “Chippin”, “Surrender”, “You Make Me” “Stranger”, and the list continues to grow. Read More »

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