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Friday, October 31, 2014

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Editor's Note

There are two things you can do when you get a cancer diagnosis. You can either collapse in total devastation and give up or go immediately into full survivor mode. Cancer survivor Lystra Cudjoe chose the latter option. Cudjoe, who is battling a breast cancer diagnosis for the second time in her life was first diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in 2007. She underwent treatment and came out of it successfully. She thought it was over and that she had seen the back of the deadly disease, but she was wrong. Read more »

  • When cancer returns

    YOU may recognise Lystra Cudjoe’s face from the television and print interviews she’s done in which she’s shared her personal experience with cancer, an experience which has encouraged and inspired so many women in similar situations. Three weeks ago, Cudjoe got the news no cancer survivor wants to hear: the cancer had returned. She was alone when her doctor gave her the results of a biopsy. Read More »

  • Urban Tales

    NALA is beautiful, innocent and naive. But for all her beauty and innocence, it’s her naivete which leads her down a pathway of abuse and pain, deceit and betrayal. After her parents’ death, Nala was sent to live with her aunt Trina but the arrangement turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing because of Trina’s strong jealousy and dislike for her young niece. Read More »

  • Do women give up toO easily on men?

    I read a very interesting article on Barbadosnation.com published July 24, 2014. It was, apparently from the “I Confess” segment. The full title, so you can Google it is, “I Confess: Be patient when your man cheats.” I read the article with mixed feelings because, relationship experiences varies and the experience is subjective and dependent upon many factors such as the personality of the woman, prior relationship experience, expectations and the reason(s) for being in the relationship. Read More »

  • Yoga by the SEA

    PractiSing yoga in a natural environment has been found to be more relaxing and effective. The sights and sounds of the beach stimulate the meditative state. The wind and water provide a sense of calmness and serenity. The sun and sand enable penetration of warmth and comfort. Being closer to Mother Earth will unfold unique calmness within you. Moreover, practising on an uneven surface like sand will help build the secondary muscles in your feet, hips, knees, and shoulder joints. Read More »


    The female figure entered the establishment and found a seat. Soon a young man approached her. The two struck up a conversation, all the while laughing and the inevitable, flirting. The chemistry was undeniable and they were both thinking the same thing – let’s do this. With their hormones raging and specific parts of their bodies pulsating, they agreed on the next step. Read More »

  • It’s all about those Female Food Producers

    She was in the fields in the far off African continent, baby on her back in a cloth sling (baby carrier). She was sowing her corn seeds, her role not to procreate human life and but to create food for life. I saw her on my trip to Ghana many years ago. From her small garden she fed her family. Somehow, I reckoned if she had the resources, she could feed the world. Read More »

  • The Dreaded Clump

    Clumpy mascara can be the worst thing ever. The gorgeous, long lashes you set out to achieve suddenly look like garden spiders. Thankfully, there’s ways to add length and volume to your lashes without having to deal with the annoyance of excessive, chunky mascara. We asked L’Oréal Paris consulting Make-up artist, Billy B, for his thoughts on how to get rid of that nasty old clump. Read these simple tips and then grab a tube of Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara to try them out! Read More »

  • GIVE breast cancer the BOOT

    Many women lose their battle against cancer every year. With awareness, education on the disease and proactive testing, the statistics don’t have to increase; many lives can be saved for the year 2014 and onwards. Read More »

  • Trinidadian pastelles travel at Christmas time

    Because I was travelling not only for part of September but also the month of October, and having just come back from a trip to Jamaica, I thought I would give a gentle reminder for all of us in the Caribbean on our travel wardrobe! Read More »


    Sarah Jane Waddell is probably one of the most down-to-earth beauty queens that you’ll ever come across. Her lively spirit, warmth, humility, friendliness, compassion and straightforwardness are commendable. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    Sarojini Singh is a different species of woman. She is an exceptional woman who refuses to stereotype anyone; quite rare in an era when whole communities are judged and neatly placed in a certain category because of the criminal activities of a few undesirable characters. Read More »

  • Sarojini Singh

    Laventille... The place feared by a few and stereotyped by many ... A hotspot, they call it, a breeding ground for crime, the streets are never crowded and the business places are never packed. And so with Divali, a major event in the Hindu calendar, a mere week away, there are no deya vendors on the sidewalks or any anticipatory fervour for the festival of lights. Read More »


    Thousands scurried around in the early afternoon heat, and as Neha Dawar settled down for the interview, she exclaimed, “Oh gooosh! I’m feeling as if I’m going through menopause with this heat!” Her older sister, Sonia just chuckled and remarked, “Hmm! This Neha, eh!” Seemingly, one sister is more outspoken while the other is more reserved. Read More »

  • ‘One Evening Only’ and The Man Behind the Style

    One Evening Only, the greatly anticipated fashion event from 212 Location and Blaanix is nearly upon us. Awe-inspiring looks, expertly conjured by creative director Yosiaha Fletcher will shoot down the runway leaving a trail of fashion spectacle. Read More »

  • About that Anaconda

    Look, if you’re over a certain age little of this will make sense to you. But I’m not so far removed from my scrawny, insecure adolescence to have forgotten how the combination of popular culture, a burning desire for male attention and our region’s unique take on body-shaming can do a number on a bony girl’s self-esteem. Read More »

  • Sharing your man

    It happens more often than you know, married women or women in committed relationships are sharing their men unwilling with another woman or women. That I have stated the sharing occurs unwilling implies that the women (wives and committed girlfriends) are not in agreement with the situation but they know about it. If this sounds confusing, let me explain. Read More »

  • The industrious women of DASS Doubles Factory

    “Doubles Factory? Where is that?” I was amazed at the term. A doubles connoisseur for all my life, I have never even fathomed the thought of a “factory” much less one opened late in the night and early in the morning. And so it was the wee hours (3 a.m.) on a quiet Thursday morning and my visiting cousins from New Jersey- Priya and Kyron- were telling me about this culinary phenomenon. Read More »

  • Strategies to help keep you on top form throughout the day!

    Make a to-do list Want to make the most of your day? Of course you do! Write a to-do list. It’s simple, but ridiculously effective. ‘Most people are more efficient when they know what they’re doing, what’s expected and what the deadline is,’ says life coach Louise Presley-Turner (thegameoflife.co.uk). Read More »

  • Philanthropist: Big heart Big Plan

    “Being a doctor is not my profession it is my vocation. A vocation is different to a profession, you don’t just give of your skills and intelligence, you give more that, you give of your life. You make a difference in the lives of others. I want to make that difference.” Dr Gordon Narayansingh, gynaecological oncologist, recipient of The Public Service Medal of Merit Gold for Medicine. Read More »

  • You may be wearing the perfect sports-kit on the outside

    You’ve got the new moisture-wicking tee, the form-fitting capris and the latest trainers, but you might be missing something vital. Whilst many of us spend loads on new sports-kit, there’s a tendency to forget that we should be investing in a good sports bra too. And if your training plan means you’re pounding the pavement or hitting the gym four or five times a week, you need to make sure you’re taking care of your breasts – before you do any damage. Read More »

  • Keep a casual jacket in your car at all times

    Recently I visited the immigration office at Chaguanas to renew my passport. On my arrival on the compound, the security guard mentioned to me that I would not be allowed access to the building as I was not appropriately dressed. This statement stunned me as I was wearing a sleeveless blouse, no cleavage exposed, and a proper fitting pair of jeans. Read More »

  • Trending & trending HOTT!!

    We are a fashion concious society and the international world has nothing on us when it comes to dressing and dressing well. And the rage these days are all about pants and skirts and boy do we turn it out. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    As I type this my last editorial before editor Angela Martin returns next week from a well-deserved month of rest, next week, Etta James’s “At Last” is the sound bite that’s playing on repeat in my heat. The song was the one that accompanied the US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle’s first dance and also seems to be the soundtrack for newly weds Ann Marie Ganness, a former local television personality and new author celebrated singer and actor Michael Amante. Read More »

  • The view from the top

    FAR away in the heart of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, stands Africa’s tallest mountain - Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s still unclear what the name ‘Kilimanjaro’ actually means but every year climbers from all around the world trek to the top of this mountain which is also a dormant volcano. For some die-hard climbers a hike to its summit is a rite of passage, while others may liken it to somewhat of a pilgrimage - the pathway of which is paved with mixed emotions ranging from exhilaration to frustration. Read More »

  • The Amantes find love….At last

    As a television entertainment reporter, Ann Marie Ganness often got the opportunity to mingle backstage with well-known international singers whenever they came to town. It was a perk of the job, yes, but it was also how Ganness got her exclusive interviews with the visiting artistes. Even more than getting up-close and personal with the famous male singers, Ganness was always curious about their wives and girlfriends. Read More »

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