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Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Editor's Note

This Editor’s Note would have been reading quite differently had things turned out worse for soca star Kees Dieffenthaller who, unfortunately, was confronted by bandits last week. Read more »

  • A Dieffenthaller Christmas

    I arrived at the Dieffenthaller household in time to witness Teri-Leigh in full mommy mode. With the assistance of her sister she was ushering her little daughter Zion to sleep, hoping that the midday nap will allow her and husband Kees some undisturbed time to chat with me about their family’s Christmas plans. Read More »

  • I have a name and it’s not... H.I.V.

    I’m not sitting at the street corner begging, I’m not rumaging through your garbage. Read More »

  • You can’t compete with his mother

    I’m surprised at the amount of e-mails and Facebook messages from women complaining about the influence of their man’s mother. I usually respond by asking if they think they are trying to compete with his mother because if they are, they are most likely going to lose that battle. Read More »

  • 33 years

    A wine down memory lane… Read More »

  • Offering up pure bliss & luxury

    FORGET the latest vacuum cleaner. Read More »

  • The Peaceful Warrior

    Fredos…. that is what they call her. Derived from the Italian origin, (fredo) meaning ‘peaceful warrior.’ Immediately this strikes a contradiction of sorts, I mean, how can a warrior be peaceful? But this woman is no ordinary woman to me, because she personifies the paradox. Read More »

  • The emotional tied up with the materialistic at Christmas

    Twinkling eyes, wide smiles, rhythmic body expressions to soca parang and high-pitched greetings are synonymous with the Christmas Season. Joy is indeed the most popular form of emotion during this period. Read More »

  • There’s No Meat

    This Christmas, I attempted to share my traditional British Yuletide foods with my Trinidadian boyfriend. As I was singing the praises of the good old fashioned mince pie, I unintentionally crushed his ideal of this popular British treat. Read More »

  • New Ideas for your Christmas Tree

    Dear Marguerite: 1. Any ideas at all for different kinds of Christmas trees? I am tired of the artificial ones. Read More »

  • A la French…

    “It’s the season to be merry and festive…and though I focus on women’s fashions, my editor requested some menswear for the season’s many occasions. Read More »


    Beautiful people have a lot going for them: They are more confident, make more money, and get promoted faster than their less attractive colleagues. But for career-driven women, beauty is a no-win situation: The public wants you to be attractive, but, at the same time, not so beautiful that it’s distracting. Read More »

  • Easy tips to ensure your working day is as healthy as possible...

    Keeping healthy when you work in an office can be difficult, especially when you’re tempted by complimentary biscuits at every meeting! Read More »

  • Oh BOY! that delicious christmas food

    WHAT would Trini Christmas be without ham, black cake, ponch de crème, ginger beer…? Christmas rice with vegetables and raisins, pastel, fruit cocktail… The list is indeed endless. It is a fact that we Trinbagonians love our food (perhaps a little too much as many of us suffer bouts of indigestion after Christmas lunch). Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    When writer Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson first told me about Karen Stollmeyer I knew we had to feature her. Read More »

  • The Holistic Life of Karen Stollmeyer

    They are peaceful in their stables but quite cognisant of a stranger in their midst. The first stallion, Storm, looks at me as if he is smiling while his comrade in the cubicle, Boogie Blues, opens his mouth as if he is saying something…Their faithful custodian, certified and licensed Speech and Language Pathologist and Hippotherapist Karen Stollmeyer, admires her charges and I see the human/animal bond. Read More »

  • coping with infertility

    We’re told that Christmas is for children. Churches focus their attention on the birth of Baby Jesus to the Virgin Mary; marketing departments spend a fortune trying to convince us of the perfect gift for youngsters and the highlight of the actual day is often seeing their joy as they discard bows, wrapping paper and boxes to get to their presents. Read More »

  • Ladies, stop making sex tapes

    Stop taking naked pictures too. It is not worth it. They do not deserve it. It will come to no good. Read More »

  • Pear-shaped body

    Everything you need to know if you’re blessed with a gorgeous pear shaped body. Read More »


    It’s difficult to conceal your disappoint when you receive certain gifts for Christmas, isn’t it? Some people are completely wary of receiving yet another bottle of perfume or a regular home appliance or a shirt, Read More »

  • Jewelled Make-up for THE Holidays

    Christmas allows many women who usually stay away from make-up at other times of the year to come out of their comfort zones in full swing. Read More »

  • Self-expression in Art

    THIS is a story of one woman’s grit and resilience a single mother’s determination to start a new life against all odds. Read More »

  • This Is What Kitchens Will Be Like in 2025

    It’s exciting to imagine the kind of comforts and improvements technology will bring in years to come—especially in a room as widely-used and adored as the kitchen. Read More »

  • Gala performance of the ballet

    Dear Marguerite: I had a crush on this guy that likes my friend. Recently, another guy told me that he likes me and wants a relationship. I willingly went with him and on our one-month anniversary he broke up with me. Read More »

  • Weird Sex Laws You Won’t Believe

    America may be known as the land of the free, but it has more laws than you’d expect governing what you can and can’t do in the sack—not that you’d attempt most of those things anyway. Although these regulations are so outdated they’re hardly enforced, they still remain on the books. Read More »


    Contrary to the article’s heading, this is not about the men who physically and verbally control you. Rather, this is about the “mental enslavement” to men some of you consciously and subconsciously allow. Let me explain. It’s true that the majority of you desire true love. You wish for a man to love you unconditionally, adore you, understand you, make you feel special and secure, and most importantly, commit only to you. In having your desires fulfilled, some of you, unknowingly or knowingly take on a different persona. You become obsessed, and in so doing, you invite some of the most undesirable men into your lives. Read More »

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