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Monday, April 21, 2014

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Editor's Note

Marielle Barrow is focused, quite ambitious and not afraid to push forward into virgin territory and try new things; and that is what rightly earns her the title of... innovator. Barrow knew what she wanted to do and went after it despite her mothers misgivings. At a certain time her mother believed she should take an entirely different route. The social entrepreneur, who established the Caribbean Arts Village, a nexus for Caribbean artists in the region to connect, believes in the possibility of converting creativity and expression into sustainable income sources. Read more »


    Marielle Barrow is the kind of thinker and talker that’s easily labelled "idealistic", "up in the clouds". Imagine drumming up the idea that not only are you going to forge a career in the arts against your (artist) mother’s advice, but you’re going to clear the way for creative souls throughout the Caribbean to thrive. It’s the kind of notion that easily melds into white noise in a region grown accustomed to deriving dollars from its weather, its earth, its good looks. Read More »

  • I want to bring awareness to Autism

    Autism and society’s misinformation and ignorance to this condition is becoming more and more unbearable however angels such as Behaviour Therapist, Khadine Peters have been placed on this earth to make a difference and provide autistic children with the care they need to live normal lives. Her forte is working primarily with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and also diagnosed with other developmental disabilities such as Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Downs Syndrome. Read More »

  • Oh, those spring trends

    These trends are described as Spring Trends but Spring in Trinidad and Tobago? Definitely NOT! However in the ''make-up world" all seasons are significant as it relates to what is currently considered the "in thing.' This happens all the time not just with fashion but with make-up, as every major cosmetic company traditionally releases their seasonal campaigns annually. Read More »

  • I am not cheating On you

    The title of the article indicates a response to the question, “Are you cheating on me?” Or a response to a partner’s implicit and insinuating words or actions directed towards you. Wanting to know if your partner is cheating on you is not an uncommon relationship concern. It could be a lingering and nagging thought or a fleeting concern possibly fuelled by the actions of your partner or hearsay. Read More »

  • Amanda Cole O’Neil

    The words which live in her heart and her mind are executed when she sits in quiet solitude and puts pen to paper. And on this peaceful morning this is where Amanda Cole-O'Neil is found under a tree in the Botanic Gardens writing prose. This is where she was found when photographer Andy Anderson Martin began asked permission to shoot photos of her as she sat engrossed in her writings. Read More »

  • Being Roddy Ramdhan

    Lobster Thermidor. Classy. Gourmet. I have never heard of it but I am eager to know more. “You have to cut up the lobster into small pieces and make the roux and sauté the pieces in it,” explains Roddy Ramdhan. Roux? I interrupt the senior Health, Safety and Environment Officer with BP Amoco cum cook as he enlightens me on his favourite chef dish. French for? “French for sauce. Roux is the French word for sauce. You make the sauce with shallots, butter, flour and seasoning. After you sauté the lobster pieces you bake it with parmesan cheese. It tastes great!” he continues. Read More »

  • Feel Like a Failure?

    One of my readers sent me an email which got me thinking about the frustrations of many individuals who have done EVERYTHING RIGHT yet still feel as if their life isn’t working. Yes, they got the degree or degrees in some cases. Yes they got the job with the great salary. Read More »

  • 'But those who marry will face many troubles in this life…'

    I am no fan of KI’s “Single Forever” hit. In fact, I was one of those very critical of the song when it first came out. However, any honest soul, would admit that as ridiculous as the song was, it touched on a very crucial aspect of being in a relationship: the meshing of two different individual persons and the tumult that can ensue. Read More »

  • Dear Moms

    I never thought I would get over being molested as a child. It wasn’t an uncle or neighbour or the misfit down the street; my molesters were my adoptive parents, husband and wife. It caused me turmoil during my early childhood, I would pray every night for death so that I wouldn’t have to go through their advances. For years I distracted myself away from the emotional hurt but somehow deep down inside the pain became part of me. Read More »

  • I am longing for green

    How I long for green. How I long to get rid of dust and yellow and brown grass and earth. I remember going to Dallas, Texas many moons ago and could not comprehend the dry, parched brown, brown everywhere. But then, what about the arid areas of Africa and the deserts of the Middle East? Because of our drought, I really at the moment feel that I am living in one of those areas of the world. I am such a Caribbean woman, give me the blue seas and skies but I also need green! You know I have complained regularly about the overgrown forest behind my home, the mosquitoes, the rats, the iguanas and the snakes that came from the seemingly dense jungle behind my house. Read More »

  • The dewy, fresh look of Easter

    Warm up your day and recharge your look with pretty prints, yellow, pink, white. Sleek lines, bright colours and flowing maxis.... prepped to entice and enhance. CREDITS Noor Crusie Line Collection Photos: Calvin French Read More »

  • Happiness

    IF SOMEONE was to ask you to describe the word 'happiness', you may think that's a simple enough question. Maybe emotions like satisfaction, joy and contentment readily come to mind. On the other hand, defining happiness may not be as easy as it sounds for the mere reason that happiness means different things to different people. Read More »

  • Editor's Note

    She is stepping into a world saturated with entertainers of every musical genre. Some are mega stars, some are just stars and some are hoping to one day become stars. And although armed with a degree in agricultural science Stef Kalloo has refused to go the traditional route. Kalloo just wants to sing. But when you just want your voice to be heard like Kalloo does, when you want to make an impact musically, you don't forsee the pitfalls or difficulties you may encounter along the way. Read More »

  • The Emergence of Stef Kalloo

    Stef Kalloo has been hidden in plain sight. Perhaps it’s the price to pay for opting not to force her singing, songwriting and style into the yearly Carnival rat race. "A few years back I did a soca only because people were telling me to try one," she says in her easy way. "In 2012 I wrote it and First Class produced it. Terri Lyons did back-up vocals. It did not get airplay and it was not fully me. I went back to my own style. I don’t mind trying it again in the future but what I want to achieve is a blend of sounds. Bunji has found a balance of world music with soca and he’s opened a door to allow us to promote ourselves to the world.'' Read More »

  • Dr Gillian Paul

    An avid reader and a woman who loves languages and literature she admitted to one more thing. “I’m a country girl, in my view; it’s not country anymore, but when I was growing up it was," said Dr Gillian Paul, acting President of the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT). Paul who was born in Tacarigua said when she was growing up Tacarigua was seriously country . " I was part of a very traditional, extended family. We grew up with my grand-mother – 13 of us in the house – with my aunts, uncles, cousins ....a close community. Read More »


    AS far as fitness is concerned, you can't get anything more exciting and exhilarating than Zumba which fuses aerobic elements with entertainment and dance. Over the years, Zumba has grown in popularity, thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Halle Berry who have all expressed their enthusiasm for Zumba classes and credited it for their weight loss. If you've ever tried it or you've watched Zumba videos that are floating around YouTube just out of curiosity, then you might have an idea why so many are drawn to it. Read More »

  • Is My Relationaship over?

    At times we continue to live in the wake of what once was - a dream, a fantasy that things can and will be the same as they were initially but they won’t. And the sooner we wake out of this belief and face our reality the better it is for our emotional well-being and sanity. How could someone not know that their relationship is over? If one lives in perpetual hope, if one is blindly optimistic it is easy to see how one’s reality can be skewed by such views. Some individuals love holding on to the past, unable to let go. “Love is blind,” is not simply a saying, it’s a fact. There’s nothing wrong with living in hope but what one hopes for must be attainable. Read More »

  • Being Makesi Augustus

    Life is about living every day like it’s your last, creating memories... Like his life philosophy wherever he goes he creates a memory not only for himself but for others. Undoubtedly, the 32-year-old leaves a lasting impression. I remember him. The Holy Saviour Anglican Church concert- he had the most beautiful voice and brought tears to every eye in the congregation. My God is Good Oh... Read More »

  • Dolsin Mohammed

    “Go nah girl, trust meh, she does make the best roti in the Caribbean!” My good friend Mervyn Coutain aka “Sprang” can’t stop talking about the outstanding roti-making skills of a woman who lives in a back road in Curepe. And so photographer Ishmael Salandy and I pay her a visit to prove the worth of Sprang’s theory. Read More »


    Q: I am 53 years old and, as embarrassing as this is to say, I am still a virgin. Chalk it up to religious beliefs, lack of self-confidence and a major case of shyness. I've just never met a man I felt comfortable enough with to be in a relationship... that is, until now Read More »

  • 4 Beauty Trends with Major Benefits

    The benefit: a more youthful look There's a reason Brooke Shields has kept her brows full and bold more than 30 years after slipping into her Calvins: "Thick brows speak to health and vitality," says make-up artist Pati Dubroff. "Thin brows say the opposite." Read More »

  • Confessions of a restaurant server

    WHEN Vidya took the call confirming that she got the job serving tables at a fine dining restaurant on Ariapita Avenue, well, as far as restaurant jobs in T&T go, she felt she had made it, she tells Woman. This wasn't like any other restaurant where people could simply walk in and get a table. You had to make reservations and dress up really nicely. And it was a top-notch restaurant, one of those places where you might find CEOs, COOs or bank executives with their significant others, 'high society' people or government ministers sipping from their wine glasses or chatting loudly with the guest next to them. Read More »

  • We cannot save ourselves we all need a savIour

    Have you ever awoken from a deep sleep and (after smelling the coffee) taken a good long look at your life, at the government, at the people around you, at the world? You see yourself floating in a bubble and cloud nine seems so far off and the stars you never accomplished and perhaps never will are higher than you expected. You see yourself for who you are as you see hurt loved ones and past misdoings crowding your stratosphere like speeding birds. Read More »

  • Your guests bedroom for the Easter weekend

    As I wrote last week, on March 23rd, one of my readers known to me as “Looking Forward to your Reply,” asked me questions about skills in entertaining guests. Today I will be giving edited answers to her questions from my book Manners and Entertaining with Marguerite Gordon (which will soon be in bookstores again), and giving some thoughts on the sleeping arrangements for unmarried couples, extra touches for your beach house — and — the most important “rules” that guests should know and practise! Read More »

  • Style ... Edgy.. Contemporary

    For quite some time, this alumnus of Queen's Royal College has been an ardent admirer of well-known local & international designers, who have fine-tuned their ability to transform and enhance the global meaning of style to suit ever-changing social trends. It was this climate of inspiration that allowed Romany to channel his natural ability of selecting edgy, contemporary designs for his clients via his wildly successful retail boutique, KrAze. Read More »

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