Friday, February 23, 2018

2 sisters

...aiming for perfection


Alicia Hart, left, and Crystal Grillet. Photos by Micheal Bruce

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Crystal Grillet and Alicia Hart are more than just biological sisters. They are great friends, liming partners and the proud founders of Perfeccion 101 a beauty parlor/cosmetic salon which caters for every woman and every event.

Tucked away on Patna Street, St James opposite the Long Circular Mall, Perfeccion 101 originally evolved as a dream by Grillet, and Hart was on spot to assist her sister in making her dream a reality

"As a kid growing up I always dug in my mommy's handbag looking for lip gloss, lipstick, face powder whatever I saw mommy putting on. I always emulated her; she was and still is my role model. I guess this is where my love for the beauty business emerged. Perfeccion was the perfect gateway for my talents and qualifications in the field. Providing clients with make-up courses, waxing, make-up for graduations, weddings, all special occasions, manicures/pedicures, hairstyling, clothes and accessories as well as retailing top brand cosmetics were the goals set for Perfeccion and thus far we have been successful in accomplishing these goals," says Grillet, the younger of the siblings.

"I am an entrepreneur with a marketing company by the name of Zazoke Marketing. Zazoke has been in existence from 2005 and is a support marketing company partnered with global companies for event management, product sampling, merchandising, marketing campaigns and supply of talent for media communications. The marriage between my sister's dream and my expertise was a great union, one in which our mother, Lucy Eligon, a popular make-up consultant/make-up artist was proud of," asserts Hart.

There is a unique story about Lucia Eligon, one which explains why her daughters have become such authorities in the arena of beauty. Eligion has been in the cosmetic circle for 35 years. Surrounded by beauty pageants, beauty queens, models and fashion designers, Penny Commisiong, Giselle La Ronde and Wendy Fitzwilliam to name a few. Eligon was involved in the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Pageant for over 10 years. In the effort to follow in her footsteps and bring a new, fresh and revolutionised approach to beauty and beauty secrets, both Hart and Grillet embarked on the whole Perfeccion concept and decided to leave their mark as well in the aesthetic world.

"In my household entering into the beauty field came naturally, because of my mother; she taught me everything I know now about make-up. I am versed in teaching, conducting workshops, bridal and theatrical. When I finished school I worked part time at a clothing store, it was just pocket change. It was when I started working with Sacha Cosmetics that I realised that make-up and beauty was my passion. I started at Sacha Cosmetics as a receptionist, completed all my make-up courses and then seized the opportunity to be part of the Make-up Team with Sacha's Top make-up artists. I was known as young Lucia, and being the youngest on their team was a very rewarding experience. Queen shows, fashion shows, trade shows and demos at cosmetic stores were the start of my wonderful journey. My best destination however has been Perfeccion 101," the 29-year-old Grillet, a die-hard Kim Kardashian fan gushes.

Speaking of the Kardashians, both sisters reminded me of the Kardashian duo, Chloe and Courtney; Grillet, Courtney and Hart being,Chloe.

Their achievements go far beyond the Kardashian girls though. Hart was actually a former national cyclist and nominee for Witco Sports Awards for three consecutive years, having represented Trinidad and Tobago at the Junior World Championships held in Colorado Springs, USA in 1991. Now 38, she expertly balances her duties as a mother of four with the demands of her role in her own company and Perfeccion 101. All in all, Hart and Grillet's strategic intermingling of skills have positioned them as a prime provider of beauty services. Their legacy, courtesy their mother, in the cosmetic world will cement them as a force in the fashion arena in years to come as they paint a new face in the local beauty industry.

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