Saturday, December 16, 2017

Akosua Dardaine-Edwards gets personal new book


Mark Fraser

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, one in five firms earning more than one million dollars is owned by a woman.

Local author and founder of the Enabling Enterprise Project, Akosua Dardaine-Edwards, combats this statistic every day. Her project aims to partner Caribbean and international women’s business support agencies, policymakers and women entrepreneurs from all over the world for the enhancement, empowerment, exchange of ideas and experience and best practice of women’s enterprise and entrepreneurship worldwide.

Edwards hopes to change that statistic through not only her project, but also by sharing her life story.

Her new book, What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on The Journey to Unconditional Self-Love (published by Balboa Press), follows Dardaine-Edwards’ journey from a scared and self-conscious child, to a mature, confident and successful woman and charts her journey to achieving her highest self and potential.

"Self-love transforms your life and kick starts the healing process,"says Dardaine-Edwards.

"Anyone can transform his/her life through unconditional self love, and it starts with you!"

Dardaine Edwards’ book takes readers through some of the highest and lowest points of her life. With brutal honesty, she reveals the hard truths she had to learn, as well as the choices - both good and bad - she’s made in her professional and personal life.

An excerpt from What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on The Journey to Unconditional Self-Love:

"I have learnt that courage is a muscle and as with muscles the more you use it the bigger it gets, the more you use it the easier and easier it becomes to use it. Fear only denies fulfilment. I have learnt that the key to peace of mind is having and finding the courage to say exactly what we expect, want and need in a way that honours us and is not disrespectful to the other party."

Dardaine-Edwards has worked in many countries including Uganda, Tanzania, India and Trinidad and Tobago, with women and youth entrepreneurs. Her work has also been featured in The Next Woman magazine and Katalyst Business magazine Jamaica.