Wednesday, February 21, 2018

All white fashion with great hair

Ringing in the New Year in a sea of white


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In Brazil the entire country dons white for New Year's Eve. It is a tradition which signifies the hope for good luck in the coming year. This year we follow suit as we present our models in all white.

Hair: courtesy The Glam Virgin Hair Company Limited:

The team: Natalie Danclar-Rodney, Corene Procope, Blossom Roopnarine Glam Pro Stylists: Teion, Vanessa Lash, Kim Eds.

The models are sporting hairstyles with unique names

Blossom is wearing: "what is she mixed with" This is part of the line endorsed by Patrice Roberts called "Exotic by Patrice Roberts".

Samantha is wearing: "Bucco Reef".

Maurisa is wearing: "dat model chic".

Wasia is wearing: "funky curly".