Monday, December 18, 2017

Are you preparing for the man of your dreams?


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Some of my articles are inspired by communications with Facebook friends and today's article is particularly inspiring coming from a woman who is planning and preparing for that special man of her dreams. She is one of my biggest supporters. After reading my book she was determined that all of her friends get a copy because it was helpful to her. She recently informed me of a notebook she has in which she writes quotes both from my Facebook page and from other inspirational sites. In her notebook she records relationship tips/advice from others - her friends or friends of friends. She knows what she is looking for in a man; she values herself as special and is not prepared to sell herself short. She has set expectations for herself and for that special man. My assumption in writing this article is that you are ready for a relationship because it is the first step in preparing for a man - you have to be ready.

In one of my Facebook postings I stated, "The best relationships are the ones you didn't see coming," but it doesn't mean you should not be prepared. Preparing for the man of your dreams is not about pick up lines you are going to practise on him nor is it a physical fixation on one's self. It is deeper. It is about meeting someone and discovering/learning through time if he meets and or exceeds the expectations you have. It's about discovering common values, ideas on raising a family, pursuing goals and his expectations of a woman as well. All of this can be accomplished without sleeping with him. Quickly sleeping with a man you hardly know is a recipe for disaster. I've frequently stated that the longer you delay sleeping with a man the sooner you know his intentions.

If preparing for a man sounds like hard work then men are going to make quick work out of you. He moves on to the next and you are forced to look for another start all over again. My admiration for this woman and others like her is the willingness to be prepared. In life we cannot be one hundred per cent prepared, we are not infallible as humans but if we don't prepare for the things we want then it's that much more difficult to get or achieve them. A prepared woman is more likely to quickly spot a man who is not aligned with her expectations than an unprepared woman. A prepared woman is also more confident in herself because she knows exactly what she seeks in him.

How are you preparing for the man of your dreams? Are you ready for a relationship? Are you familiar with some of the games men play? What do you expect of your dream man? I know waiting can be frustrating and some of you make mistakes. The question is; how often are you making those mistakes? How often do you find yourself starting over with yet another guy? Perhaps it's best to spend more time on preparing than learning the hard way through repeated mistakes.


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