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"Bootcamp All-inclusive"

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Have you ever heard of a "Boot-camp All-Inclusive"? Well never had my friend either. She was amused by my invitation to Simone's "Boot-camp All-Inclusive" a few weeks ago. Simone perfectly concocted a Boot camp workout that would work us to a 'frazzle' yet still leave us 'jumping'. Possible? With a live DJ provided, 'drinks' (Gatorade and water by the way), a drill sargeant to lead, and a private and cordoned off area at the Fitness Centre Car park we were literally sweating while 'feting' Simone's way.

My friend was also concerned whether, in her own words to be exact, the "class was going to be like in the movies where navy seals are put through vigorous fitness routines that they can barely make it through? Why would I want to put myself through something like that? She asked. Because it works!! I have done a number of boot camp classes and I can certainly attest to that fact that if your goal is to lose weight or to increase your fitness stamina, you should consider joining a boot camp class.

Boot Camp classes are challenging but are designed to whip you into shape. It's a great way to boost your metabolism and burn calories. Boot-camp, derived from military training, generally describes an outdoor fitness programme that consist of body weight-based exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups, calisthenics, combined with agility/obstacle courses. Depending on the instructor and the design of the class, your workout experience can vary. Our workout included a progression of exercises which resembled a circuit training routine with participants shifting from one type of exercise to the next in succession. We also were provided with "boot camp buddies" which meant we worked in pairs at each station and was accompanied by equipment at most station.

Boot camps can be designed for people from all walks of life from the advanced to the beginner so the key is finding the right class for you. You may not want a class with an instructor who screams at you like a mean drill sergeant, but you can find a class with an instructor who pushes you just enough to keep you going or join a class with a buddy who can motivate you. Boot camps can engender teamwork among the participants, which can be a boost to someone who thought they were incapable of certain exercises and is also another form of group training which fosters a sense of community.

Research has shown that there are many health benefits for taking a fitness boot camp class. You will increase your stamina, burn fat, and help to get yourself into shape by pushing your body to its limits. The difficult workouts will test your boundaries and ultimately improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility.

At the end of the class, my friend said to me: "of everything I have ever done to improve my fitness, this was by far the most challenging yet enjoyable. It was different and I never thought I could have done the exercises, but I did. Thank You".

If joining a class is an issue for you because of time or any other factor there are simple exercises you can do at home without equipment. These include jumping jacks, push ups, jump rope, squat jumps, stationery lunges to name a few. On days I don't make it to gym or I'm pressed for time, Boot-camp brings it on!

Equipment for Simone Boot Camp was provided by Fitness Centre Ltd.

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