Monday, December 18, 2017

Best way to apply women's perfume


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Coco Chanel said that women's perfume should be applied anywhere you want to be kissed. Beyond that, what is the best way to apply perfume? There are several standard points on your body where you can apply perfume or cologne. These points are called pulse points, as they are typically points on your body that radiate heat.

Pulse point zones include your neck, behind your knees, the wrists, inside your elbows and cleavage. Some people prefer to spray a little scent into the open air and "walk" into it, which is a good option if you'd like your perfume or cologne to be all over, but light.

Applying a fragrance must be done in moderation. Some people want to put it on all the pulse points, but that isn't necessary. Your perfume or cologne should complement you, not strangle others. If people can smell you before they see you, you know you've put on too much.

Another mistake people make with putting on perfumes and colognes is to rub them into their wrists after applying it. This will defeat the original scent of the perfume. Also, if you put on a fragrance before you dress, give it a chance to dry and mix with your own body's natural scent. Dressing immediately after applying perfume can cause it to rub off into your clothes instead of your skin.

No matter where you apply your perfume or cologne, making it last all day can be challenging, especially in colder weather. Applying your fragrance twice in one day may be necessary. People with dry skin may also need to apply their perfume or cologne more than once. Layering your perfume or cologne with a similar scented moisturiser will not only help to battle dry skin, but it will also help the fragrance last longer. To help your fragrance withstand a day's wearing, apply the scent from the bottom of your body up. Heat rises, and perfume and cologne act in response to heat, so your fragrance will last longer.

Most perfumes and colognes last up to eight hours. Vary your fragrances with the season, and remember the adage that less is more. After experimenting with the way you wear your fragrance, you will discover the best application process for you.