Monday, February 19, 2018

Carnival make-up trends for 2K13


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Fete season is upon us and those who aren't ready for the road should perhaps start getting in Carnival mode now. It's so easy to get into the last-minute rush, so I suggest you try to avoid that this year. Many of you aren't first-time masqueraders, so by now, most of you know what costume you're going to wear and the colour scheme with which you're working. I don't normally advise the matching of costume colours with make-up, but Carnival time is an exception. The face is an accessory just as the jewelry and headpieces are for the costume, it should have those elements of co-ordination so that the final result is something to be admired artistically, because as we all know, Carnival costumes are an expression of art

Tip: Use long-lasting water-proof foundation, long-wear lipstick or gloss and skin protection from the sun. These are a few things you should put in place for Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

What you will need to get your look. Rhinestones and long-wear make-up. Prepare your skin with foundation and powder. Place the skin adhesive on gems, let it air dry for a minute before applying gems. Apply two to three coats of your long wear lipstick. Let it get tight and dry then apply lip gloss over it for comfort. This will ensure that your lip colour stays in place for the rest of the day. Finally, take your glitter or shimmer eyeshadow and place it around the inner corners of the eyes, this looks a lot less messy than if it were placed just anywhere. Be sure to do a patch test with the long-wear make-up to make sure nothing irritates you.


Make-up and Text: Kirk Thomas

Photography: Calvin French

Models: Joseph and Mary Esdelle

Facebook: Kirk Thomas Makeup Artistry