Friday, February 23, 2018

Could this be the car that is allegedly driven by a reckless young woman


Could this be the car that is allegedly driven by a reckless young woman?

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Dear Readers:

I am no prude, but my column today is in the form of an open letter to the driver AND the parents/family of the young woman who drives a small, new dark blue Honda Fit. The only information I am uncertain of is the actual name of the car.

I am, however, certain of her license number which I shall partially give. It is PCJ 3.2.

Letter to the parents and the young woman driver of car described above:

Recently a Minister of Government gave a stern and justifiable warning to parents who are lucky enough to be able to give their child or children their own motor cars. Let me loosely paraphrase his quote: "Parents who give their teenaged children cars must be sure of the state of mind of their children", end of this paraphrased quote. Other speakers have talked time and time again about road rage. There is definitely frustration on the roads because of long lines but there is also anger by law abiding users of the road towards the drivers who speed, overtake when they should not, weave in and out of lanes without using their indicators, tailgate you even when you are obeying the speed limit and generally drive in an absolutely crazy manner.

You, the parents of this young woman, need to know that your daughter/granddaughter/niece should not be driving at this particular time in her life, because having got her license she seems to be of the belief that she is a racing driver and is not only allowed to drive and park her car at a reckless and dangerous speed in a PARKING LOT, but she also feels she can use disgusting language to older people when they justifiably become alarmed at her behaviour.

To you, the driver, let me now recapitulate the following incident:

On Wednesday, October 31 at approximately 11.45 a.m., I was sitting in my car a silver Tiida in a parking space in the parking lot of the Northern Entrance of The Falls at West Mall. I was talking on my cell when I saw your small dark blue car not only drive at a great speed into the parking area but you then began to reverse extremely fast into the parking space beside me, cutting so close to my car that I had to blow my horn twice because I thought you were about to scrape my right front fender and knock off my right rear-view mirror. You then parked with a great flourish to the great delight of your female passenger in the seat beside you. Were you trying to impress her? Were you about to try a three point turn?

I rolled down my window, whereupon your passenger did the same and I pointedly asked you, "Do you know how close you came to hitting my car?" Your reply in a high pitched voice was, "I can see you know, and I can drive!" I persisted, "But why are you driving so fast inside a parking lot?" And your shocking shouted reply was "F ***** You!" I was appalled at your disgusting word. You then gave me the "finger sign" and instructed the little puppet beside you to roll up the window, but not before you then again shouted at me, "S**** To You."

I sat there looking at both of you in amazement and then "Your Puppet" came out of the car. I looked at her and could see that you both had on the same looking long-sleeved beige blouse knotted at the waist, she had on long pants, and you had on a floral skirt. I asked the puppet what company you both worked for because I really would have reported you to whatever unfortunate company you may have been working for. (Driver, If your parents did not give you that new car and you bought it yourself you must have a job that pays well), so I asked the puppet, "How old are you?" because you both looked to be no older than 17 or presumably 18 (that is, if you the driver really have your license). Your puppet then rudely stuck out her rather strange looking tongue at me. She obviously has no mind of her own and is completely controlled by you.

I started to drive off then stopped and again rolled down my window and told you both, "If there was a policeman nearby I would have reported you for using obscene language. Whereupon in your shrill voices, you both shouted, "Go on then nuh, call the Poolise."

I looked at you, both thin, very slim of hip with your long, sleek pony tails and you know just looking at you one would have thought here are two sophisticated young ladies but this is pseudo sophistication because you are not ladies, you are foul-mouthed young women on a dangerous and slippery path.

Was it because of Halloween that you played the part of witches so well?

Slow down in your life and show respect not only to others but especially to those who are obviously much older than you. You could be the age of one of my grandchildren, grandnieces and nephews. You are in no state of mind to be let loose to drive on our roads. You will become just another statistic. But most importantly do you not understand the importance and value of self-respect? Have you no sense of self? Do you not realise you are needed in the development of our country?

Are you the type of person to whom we are looking to be the focused and contributing citizens of tomorrow? What a frightening thought.