Tuesday, February 20, 2018

DIY Dos for the Christmas Season


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With the usual crazy pace of the Christmas season, it is sometimes challenging to visit the hair salon to get your hair styled for your special Christmas functions. With a little time, patience and some helpful direction, you can whip up something beautiful on your own. This week we'll cover a few easy styles for you to try.

Side Braid: an easy style that is very in this season. This style can be done on any hair texture as long as your lengths afford it (14" and more). You can create this chic look for yourself at home by simply combing all of your hair to one side- any side based on your preference- and start plaiting a basic 3-strand braid. Some other simple ways to add a little kick to your do would be: (1) before combing hair to the side, part a section of hair out in the fringe area to create a soft wave or curl to frame your face and add softness to your hairstyle. You can curl the hair with a curling iron (spray a little hairspray on the section to be curled first to ensure the curl holds) and use a roller pin or bobby pin to secure at the base prior to plaiting your braid in order to set your curl for a longer wear. On completing the braid, undo the pinned curl and brush style into place. (2) Opt for a more intricate braid such as the fish tail (4-strand) braid. (3) Use accessories to create an extra edge -flowers, fascinators and jewelled clips make great adornments.

Coiffure of Curls: another simple yet effective style to turn heads this Christmas. You have several options to use to achieve your curls; you can use a curling iron to set your dry hair- the smaller the barrel size, the tighter the curl, the longer the lasting power and the wider the silhouette. Pin each curl at the base until you have completed curling your entire head, after which you would simply remove clips and run your finger through your hair a bit and make any desired centre or side parts, and you're ready to steal the show. Other options would be to use flexible rods (for both a wet and dry set); roller set hair with smooth (magnetic) rollers (wet set); or Velcro rollers (dry set). You can set your hair the night before your event to really hold those curls, or set 1 or 2 days in advance and wear your curls freely to create a more natural, less "done up" effect on the day of your event (the flexible rods work best in this instance).

High Bun: this do always looks classy and never overdone. Comb and brush your hair high up in the crown area the centre top of your head and secure into a ponytail. Once your hair is smooth, spray all around with hair spray to keep those flyaways at bay. You can then wrap the ends of your hair around the base and secure with bobby or hair pins. The use of extensions to create a bigger and more noticeable bun always looks great, so this too is an option. Simply purchase an already braided ponytail, wrap around to style. An invisible hair net can be placed over your bun and pinned in for added security and an even smoother finish.

Straight and Curly Combo: Some ladies prefer wearing their locks straight, but for a special occasion may find it nice to add a bit of texture to their hair. Without being "too much" you can add some curls at the ends of your hair only to create some bounce and angelic movement to your hair. Just curl your hair midway up the lengths and pin in place until you have covered your entire head. You can then set with hairspray (or prior to curling this can be done) and remove pins. To finish off, run your fingers through the ends and again spray a light hold hairspray to maintain your do.