Saturday, February 24, 2018

Daring, hot, super sexy...Luke Ribeiro


CREDITS Clothing: Peter Elias Model: Luke Ribeiro Photos: Calvin French

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They say he's sexy, handsome, a charmer who loves his women. He would say that describes all his brothers, "Mom and Dad did a good job. Haha!" But if you really want to know the 31-year-old picture boy then step into his world of movie making, his love of philosophy, his constant analysing of the logic of the world and people through his brain, never stopping until he gets the one answer he seeks, the TRUTH. Not your truth, his truth, Tom, Dick or Harry's truth, but the ACTUAL TRUTH. Once he's done with that then he's off to flirt with the actresses on set and try to talk more philosophical sense into their brains. When that fails, then he resorts to what most intelligent men of minds do these days. They chat with their pets. At least they know how to sit, listen, look like they are thinking and they love mankind. Haha! "Now if you would please excuse me I have to work hard to make back all the money I spent thinking the world was going to end. Blew it all on a suit. Darn Mayans!"