Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dear Moms


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Dear Moms,

I curry foods all the time, but my curry cuisine is missing the ole-time taste. Could you give me the secret so that I can cook a tasty curry for Divali?

Lots of love, Shanti

Dear Shanti,

As I ponder on your request, I remember my naniee when she prepared for the celebration of light. I would sit at the "pirha" and watch her cut, peel and wash all the vegetables and then "lepay" the "chulha" and "pesay" the massala. She used to make the best curry.

Today however, all ingredients necessary are already prepared and sold in supermarkets or puja shops. You can still get that great tasting curry though. Just follow Moms' instructions in the recipe at right and you will have people licking their fingers for more!

Good luck,


Ps. I have a Divali tip for you which my naniee used to do before putting the rice into the pot to cook, take a little in the tip of your fingers and circle three times over the pot and say, "Baghwan tani bahat keidei" which means in Hindi "Lord a little food each day".



1 tablespoon anchar massala

1 teaspoon mathie

1 teaspoon mangrile

4 clove garlic (grated)

1 stick fresh saffron (harrdie)

1 teaspoon roasted and ground geera


Mix all ingredients together into a soft ball. Put the pot on a stove to heat, pour in fresh coconut oil and add crushed garlic to brown. Then add ball of soft mixture to fry until golden brown. Add whatever food to be curried in pot and stir to mix in well. Continue to add water gradually (do not flood pot) until food is cooked.

With this recipe you are guaranteed a "hot for so" curry.