Friday, February 23, 2018

Delisa's tree


The Marguerite Gordon column

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Dear Readers:

I have been asked by some to try and give some ideas for a great modern-looking Christmas. Well, I saw that in Belgium, there was a not so bright an idea of asking the population to send in their old china plates, bowls, cups and saucers, to make a china tree. The result I saw on CNN was pretty awful. Bland, dead, cold, lifeless and gloomy and weird, because when it is all taken down all the unfortunate pieces would be broken and just smashed to pieces. Hello, bad idea.

But I saw one on the Internet, a very different should I say spiral Christmas tree. I liked it a lot and have actually seen a version if this in some mall in Port of Spain, but this is the original from the Internet and the photo is below for you to see, the basic spiral and the North American decorated one.

Now, I am a traditionalist and every year my tree tends to look the same because there are some handmade ornaments (I will admit that a few are now looking rather tired), but I refuse to part with them, plus I also hang a small picture of my granddaughter who spent her last Trini Christmas with me when she was three and she in now seven years old. So I have to see her face on my tree!

However, my friend Delisa is the most creative Christmas decorator I know. She changes her colour scheme nearly every year! She mixes old ornaments with new, with a flair and a passion that I really admire - and buys most of her decorations on Charlotte Street! And by the way, she has already decided on her Christmas colours for 2013!

This year she outdid herself and her exquisitely beautiful, very modern tree reminds me of an ethereal sliver of a snowflake that floated from the starry stratosphere and landed on a brilliant Caribbean sea.

Her tree is totally decorated with white lights and only silver and white ornaments.

Happy decorating to all!