Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

My inspiration came from grandma's backyard


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When Dixie Lincoln-Nichols, the owner and founder of Dixie Bits, an eco-friendly line of bath and body products, decided to make her first body wash her inspiration came from her grandmother's backyard.

Not a lab or a beauty advertisement, indeed the popular brand of beauty essentials emerged out of homemade herbal remedies administered to her while growing up. Born and raised in the rural community of Gran Riviere, the retired Science teacher reminisced on the good old days in her Eden-like village.

"My grandmother loved to use natural remedies for every problem. We had many fruit trees and we didn't have a hospital or convenient health centre so she had to improvise with her herbal secrets constantly. She would make her own coconut oil by grating the coconut and squeezing out the milk and leaving the oil to separate. Almost all her concoctions had coconut oil especially the treatments she gave us for smooth and moisturised skin. We would have to apply her mixture of coconut oil and brown sugar every day religiously to our knees and heels".

Then there was the bag of camphor her grandmother used to sew into their shirts when they had the cold, the fever grass tea for the cough and tied "bush" toothbrushes to clean their tongues. It's no surprise then that upon moving to New York at age 16 and attending college that the medical school hopeful decided to relinquish her goal of becoming a doctor to create a line of products honouring her grandmother's insight and ingenuity and providing the world with a healthy, environmentally friendly premium line of beauty products.

"I learned the best from granny. I used to watch her extract her essential oils from almost every fruit from grapefruit to avocado. I started out making everything from scratch from my kitchen and the science classroom where I taught. I used to have all my recipes stuck up on bits of paper in my kitchen and one day my sister came in and asked 'Dixie, what bits you working on today?' and with that the name 'Dixie Bits' was born," declared the mother of two (daughters, 21 and eight).

Her products speak a thousand words through their names, scents and effectiveness. Sweet Sugar Darling Body Scrub designed to revitalise the skin, exfoliate, moisturise and cleanse, is rich with jojoba oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, evening primrose oil, avocado oil, turbinado sugar and of course coconut oil. On opening the nicely packaged bottle an aroma of paradise infuses the room and you can instantly smell each fruit encapsulated in the darling of a scrub. Whippa Peel body lotion takes you through a similar experience with its vanilla and orange flavour and Rave in Beauty lotion with its papaya milk is also divine when it hits the skin.

"Dixie Bits is as much fun as it is healthy for the skin. No woman should have to sacrifice beauty for purpose," Lincoln-Nichols stated. Her hundred soy aroma therapy and relaxing candles are also high sellers on her Bits' repertoire. These candles contain cotton wicks with a hundred per cent organic oils to endure a purely organic and natural experience.

"My grandmother and my childhood made an indelible impression on my life and thus my business. On my website, www.dixiebits.com I have featured my grandmother in a tutorial showing people how to make coconut oil. I am very proud of her and she is a major part of my success story. I believe that going natural in terms of beauty products should be our way forward in the beauty industry. In enhancing our beauty we should not have to compromise our health and Dixie Bits' products allow the perfect balance between sustainability, healthy living and effectiveness!" the youthful Manhattan resident claimed.

Judging from her own smooth skin and radiant appearance I wondered whether these qualities were indeed products of her products. "Indeed I am a fan of my own concoctions and I use them religiously. The thing about Dixie Bits is that these products are for the gorgeous, eco-conscious, savvy woman who appreciates healthy looking and feeling skin," she responded. Dixie Bits products will be available on the T&T market very soon with some new innovations in hair care products and natural make-up.

If you require more information on these products and you wish to share in the Gran Riviere experience feel free to contact Lincoln-Nichols at 917-375-3994 or the Bits' website.