Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dos for the season

Do It Yourself


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Messy Curl Pin Up Style: there's really no exact way to wear this do, just ensure your curls are properly set for longevity and after which you can use ponytails or bobby pins to secure hair in the centre nape (neck area) or to the side to suit your whims. You may also want to clip up the ends of your curls at the base of your pony in a freeform manner to create sort of bun effect that does not look like you tried too hard. Different types of curls can be created, but a spiral curl set can be very nice and will help you stand out some more as it's not one of the "over done" curl options; even a crimping iron set or deep wave set would be chic. Low Bun: easy and suitable in all settings, this look is also great for those days when time is against you and you need a quick fix. This style looks great messy and loose or smooth and tight, and the actual bun can be anything from a braid wrapped at the base, to even a hair piece addition. Choose a bun style that suits your attire, occasion, and personality you cannot go wrong. Vintage Hair Dos: classics that never get old (no pun intended) are the looks of the past the 50s, the 70s, you name it! These eras created many stand-out looks that are just as fierce now as they were then. Curls were for many styles, the foundation of their beauty. Again a simple set using a curling iron would help you achieve great looks the curlier, the better for these upswings, so take your time and create your twirls. Side parts and centre parts were prominent, and even a little hair accessory such as a bejeweled clip emphasizes your do.

Another great vintage creation is the "hump" or "bump" of different sizes and placements, but definitely impactful. Looks great when incorporated into sleeker styles where it thus becomes a focal point. You may choose to wear it in the fringe area and brush hair into a smooth ponytail or to do a french braid coming down the centre; or you may also choose to wear your hump more centred in your crown area with a lovely bandeau or head scarf, and with your locks freely flowing. Your options are limitless so you can be creative.