Thursday, December 14, 2017

Editor's Note

24 hours to Bongo Time

The countdown is on for the real bacchanalists to hit the streets.

Musical hysteria and colourful portrayals will be unleashed and the Carnival masses will do what comes naturally. All the shackles will be broken as we party hearty.

The air is ripe with anticipation.

Isn't it a great time to celebrate the sheer joy of being alive?

But throughout all the festivity and partying a word of caution to the wise... be safe and party with responsibility.

By now we already know who has captured both the Power Soca and Groovy Soca Monarch titles as well as the National Panorama championship.

We now wait anxiously to see whether last year's winner Karene Asche would retain the National Calypso Monarch title or if the coveted crown will be wrested from her lovely head.

In a strong and well-written article, the talented Asche tells correspondent Afiya Ray about growing up in Laventille the disadvantages and how she rallied and struggled to overcome her circumstances. Asche said she prayed hard and fought hard. "I have seen it all. I have lived it," she told Ray.

Much of Asche's life is revealed in one of the calypsoes she will render tonight, "Against All Odds". She graces our cover.

Christopher P Nokio continues the series "Signs of an Abusive Personality". This week he focuses on jealousy, while writer Allan Wesley offers up another of his thought provoking pieces "In Search of Better Sex".

In this issue writer Lorraine Waldropt went to Maracas where she met former fisherwoman and bake and shark vendor Tracey Whiskey. Again Waldropt's impression of Whiskey's life is conveyed in a manner which gives us a deep insight into how this woman lives. She was able to capture it all and relay it to us in a comprehensive manner.

There is no way I can end this without mention of Whitney Houston's passing. It seems that the lives of many of our talented entertainers are ending in the same manner.

Houston's music and talent have left a profound and undeniable mark on us all.

Our girl, Tony and Grammy award winner Heather Headley, who reprises Houston's role of Rachel Marron in the Thea Sharrack directed stage production of The Bodyguard in the West End, London, later this year will now step into an even larger spotlight with Houston's sudden passing.

What huge shoes to fill?

But knowing Headley as I do those shoes will be duly filled.

She will not only represent Houston's memory well, with her powerful voice, but do her country proud as well.


Angela Martin

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