Thursday, January 18, 2018

Editor's Note

A woman at the helm

Dianna de Sousa is yet another Trinidadian woman who is making strides in the corporate world and doing so with grace, charm, business savvy and style.

As the acting CEO of TSTT her life, from all indications, is a unique blend of technology and tenacity.

This intelligent woman also has a vision for the company which she outlined in an indepth interview with writer Renee Cummings. de Sousa believes that technology must be used to empower. "Before the profit," she says, "there is a greater social responsibility to use technology to change the lives of nationals."

She had much more to say as you will discover on Pages 4 and 5.

I love to read stories which impact and remain imprinted in my memory. Catherine Crow's reflection on the battle for her life is one such story.

Crow, the subject of our Real Women, Real Stories, is a recovering drug addict. She tells a harrowing tale of her addiction, the pain, the loss, the emotional tailspin and now finally her recovery. Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson was able to capture this former St Joseph's Convent pupil's story in such a way that the reader visualises Crow's journey; and that is what a good writer does. Did I mention that this former addict is also the holder of a masters degree.

I swear you will never forget Catherine Crow. She wanted to tell her story in the hope that her two daughters who had been hurt by her addiction would see and understand that although she continues to battle on that she had changed and taken control of her life. I wish her luck with her sobriety.

Please enjoy this issue which is filled with lots of interesting and informative pieces such as writer Allan Wesley's advice and observation on relationships and a whole lot more. Remember be kind to each other.


Angela Martin

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