Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Editor's Note

Be Thankful

The other day I caught myself grumbling about my life.

I was focusing on the negative aspects and not the positives of which there were many and the negatives, the last time I checked, were minimal compared to the vast number of positives.

Fast forward to this past week and the horror of Superstorm Sandy which devastated several states in the US, mainly New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. People lost their lives, their homes. I was concerned about my brothers one in Amityville and the other in Brooklyn. When I finally reached the one in Amityville he said to me "My fence is damaged, my roof is slightly damaged, I have no electricity but I have my life." My best friend in Connecticut echoed the same sentiment. They were all okay.

I did a rain-check on all the things I should be grateful for because in a split second, without warning, everything could be lost. Many of us spend our time enmeshed in issues instead of being grateful and thankful. Lesson to self Be thankful! Be your own unique sense of joy.

This week, Avionne Mark the newly crowned Miss T&T Universe graces our cover in an interview with Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson, giving us insight of who she is. Who is this 23-year-old woman who has been chosen to represent us at the Miss Universe Pageant in December in Las Vegas? Find out on Pages 4 and 5. And first runner-up Mauricia De Peza also talks with us about her experience.

One of the most touching stories this week is that of Christine Hood-Vincent who tells a story of survival after both her children died tragically. Her daughter was killed in a vehicular accident and her son was brutally murdered. We also take you into the world of Molly Calderon an avid bird lover who loves everything that pertains to nature. Calderon is the subject of our Real Women series. Please enjoy and remember be kind to each other.


Angela Martin

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