Sunday, February 25, 2018

Editor's Note

The Power of Survival

Reading Shenelle Scott's story about her battle with ovarian cancer and ultimate survival was sad, yet hopeful.

I must admit though that I should have been more impressed with how she soldiered on in her quest for healing, but having received some not so good news just mere hours before about someone close to me who was also facing her own health challenges, I guess it just did not make for a very good day.

There is something quite exemplary about Scott though. She said every time she felt like giving up she regrouped, drew on her inner strength and battled on. Today she is still with us fulfilling her role as woman, wife and mother.

Medical experts say that ovarian cancer is one of the more aggressive cancers women face. I am of the view that if one wins the battle and is given a second chance at life they must have the spiritual awareness that a higher power is at work in their lives.

We bring you Scott's story as was told to writer Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson.

Are there women who sit around waiting for that special man to enter their lives? Read what US correspondent Allan Wesley has to say on this topic.

There is a woman whose products so impressed a former editor-in-chief, who I must say is not easily impressed, that I just had to see what the fuss was all about.

I also came away impressed. Entrepreneur Dixie Lincoln Nichols swears that the plants from her grandma's backyard garden was the place to go when she searched for the right ingredients for her natural based beauty products. This week we've got her story for you.

Along with Nichols we feature the story of budding author Sasha Roopnarine, Dr Yvette Taylor-Kanarick, who rose from the ashes of an abusive relationship to rebuild and reshape her life and a whole lot more. Please enjoy and remember be kind to each other.

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