Saturday, December 16, 2017

Editor's Note

Living in a war zone

The only exposure many of us have had to war is the images we see via our television sets.

Harrowing and disturbing images of war-torn countries in open conflict; blood and gore and still photos of numerous families broken and devastated by the horror and peril of war. I am happy we do not live that reality in this part of the world and I hope we never do.

But for one Trinidadian woman and millions of other Israelis and Palestinians it's a different story. They wake up to the booming sounds in the dead of night and the scream of the alarm in their ears signalling that they have 40 seconds to get to the bomb shelter. And in those 40 seconds it is apparent to all that they are in a battle to save their lives.

That woman is Resa Gooding-Eshed who is living in Israel with her Israeli husband Shlomy and her two-year-old daughter Ofry.

The last conflict the family survived propelled Gooding-Eshed to put pen to paper. This is her story Living in war and conflict.

Also in this issue Akilah Holder takes a look at the Church of England's controversial decision to disallow female Bishops, while writer Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson showcases the talent of mixed media artist Melissa Matthews who has a unique way of executing her talent. I know many of you are quite busy preparing for the big day but don't forget to indulge yourself in what we have to offer, and most importantly, in all that you do don't forget the true meaning of the occasion. Remember, be kind to each other.


Angela Martin

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