Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Editor's Note

Christmas 2012

With each Christmas I celebrate, my nostalgia for past Christmases grows.

There is a longing within me for a time when people really and truly celebrated the occasion in a most meaningful and loving way.

I remember a time when it would be unheard of for neighbours not to visit each other on Christmas morning and say hello and share a meal. That rarely happens now, as most people stay within the bosom of their family, never venturing out.

To me Christmas of long ago was a more loving and giving time when there was genuine cheer and the true meaning was amplified in the loving gestures of others towards those less fortunate.

Today for many it is a more materialistic occasion and in most cases less focus is placed on the simpler aspects of life. I recognise that the things I now wish for are absent in many adults so instead I intend to focus on Christmas through the eyes of a child.

A child in most cases is free of fear and anger so Christmas through a child's eyes is one of innocence, love, great expectation and unbridled excitement. To them it's a special and magical time when the whole world seems to be celebrating in a bright beacon of light.

This is apparent in the piece written by Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson who, having stopped celebrating Christmas a few years ago, is now in full celebration mode. This year, Waldropt-Ferguson would no longer view Christmas as a bothersome chore but would instead view it through the eyes of her two-year-old daughter Amaris.

This year I will follow her example and do the same as I celebrate the occasion with my young niece and nephews who are not yet jaded by the ups and downs of life but are expectant, hopeful and excited at all life's promises and prospects.

Merry Christmas to my family abroad who will not be physically present at our table but will certainly be with us in spirit and to those who will share the occasion with me. And most importantly, Merry Christmas to all our readers.

Have a blessed and wonderful day and remember always be kind to each other.


Angela Martin

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