Saturday, January 20, 2018

Editor's Note

Will the real Patrice Roberts please stand up?

She has been described as cool and quiet behind the scenes, demure and private, but when she hits the stage that Patrice Roberts totally disappears and a hot in-your-face individual emerges. This is who Roberts calls Pat, her alter ego.

Do all female entertainers possess an alter ego?

Entertainer Beyonce boasts of having Sasha Fierce tucked away safely, somewhere in her psyche only to emerge when she mounts a stage.

It seems to be the same with Roberts one of the hottest soca performers on the local circuit today. Roberts, away from the stage prefers her down-home "me" time and does not even play mas or be on the road Carnival Monday or Tuesday. For her the lead up to the festivities is simply her working arena.

And when she is on stage she is fire personified portraying all the antics of a hot diva, driven, focused and musically electrifying. No remnant of the shy, soft-spoken personality is left. We welcome Pat to the stage for 2013 and to our cover this week, as captured by famed photographer Calvin French.

Does age matter in relationships? This question is posed by US-based correspondent Allan Wesley this week and makes for an interesting read.

In this our first issue for 2013 we introduce Teresa Seenauth, whose interview makes for an interesting and informative read, while three ambitious young women tell us all about doing things differently. Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Simone Gonzales is also back with the Simone and Lisa Carnival Fitness Programme for 2013 and would be with us for the duration of the season. Resident make-up artist Kirk Thomas introduces us to make-up trends for Carnival 2K13.

Keep supporting us and continue to be kind to each other.


Angela Martin

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