Friday, February 23, 2018

Editor's Note

Michelle's solo journey

Lesson learned: the secret to gving begins with you. Love to give, give to love. If you know that you deserve good things and give to yourself, this will enable you to give freely to others and in response they to you. We all need to pay forward in a significant way.

Last Christmas was one of giving which left me with a wholesome feeling and an inner glow which is even today sustaining my spirit.

There is a woman in this issue whose story will hopefully inspire us to give.

In this our second issue for the year we feature the poised and polished entertainer Michelle Xavier who has qualified for both the Chutney Soca Monarch as well as the Groovy Soca Monarch semi-finals.

It is always a daunting prospect for anyone to step into any arena whether it is business or entertainment on your own.

And Michelle Xavier is certainly no exception.

The singer who was a front line performer with Imij and Co embarked on a solo career last year and is now in full competition mode, but humbled and excited that the spotlight is now focused soley on her when she mounts the stage.

In an interview with writer Nigel Telesford Xavier talks about how she is manoeuvring her new status as a solo entertainer and what she wants to achieve.

When I read Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson story on Margaret Kistow, the former nun who gave up the nunnery and opened her home to abandoned and troubled children, I was truly touched.

Kistow is a kind and inspiring individual who deserves much more support than she is currently receiving from the society at large. My hope is that her story will inspire you to give.

We also look at the issue of surrogacy in a piece by Akilah Holder and a whole lot more including a feature on natural hair and an interview with aesthetician Lydia Ramesar.

Have a safe week and continue to be kind to each other.


Angela Martin

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