Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Editor's Note

This is the Indian Gyul

Several years after her song "Real Unity" with Machel Montano hit the airwaves and had all and sundry singing at the top of their lungs, chutney soca queen Drupatee Ramgoonai is back with a bang to again "mash up the place" musically with her latest hit "Indian Gyal" yet another collaboration with the multi-talented Montano.

And everywhere you turn the rhythm is ringing in your ears and your senses are assaulted with the infectious melody of the song. It seems as if there is no escaping the momentum of the singer or the song which has the ability to make the most conservative among us lose all inhibitions and let loose.

As she spoke with writer Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson, Ramgoonai did what she did best... she sang, entertaining and fascinating Waldropt-Ferguson in the process who told her with pride "I have always been a huge fan."

Ramgoonai in response revealed she had always wanted to sing and it did not matter how she was viewed as an Indian woman singing soca when she first appeared on the scene; she just had to give in to her true calling.

We celebrate the woman who has given us a string of chutney soca hits over the years. from the most notable "Roll up the Tassa" to her mega 2013 hit Indian Gyal. The popularity of Indian Gyal has earned Ramgoonai a place in the Chutney Soca Monarch Finals (which took place last night). At the time of printing we did not know her placing in the competition. Her highly anticipated performance in the Groovy Soca Monarch Finals is scheduled for Fantastic Friday.

We welcome Drupatee back to the forefront of the music.

Writer Akilah Holder is on the mark with an issue piece entitled "I have breast, Get Over it" while Waldropt-Ferguson introduces us to two female Carnival enthusiasts who engage us in an interesting conversation about Carnival and fitnes. Still on the Carnival theme Nessa John is the new face on the soca scene and making waves with her debut offering "Turn Up The Sound". Enjoy.

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Angela Martin

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