Saturday, February 24, 2018

Editor's Note

Tabitha St. Bernard

When money, and only money, is the ultimate purpose in what you do, and you don't care how your drive to achieve that monetary goal can affect the environment, then something is sadly lacking in your character.

Not so with Tabitha St Bernard whose aim is to create beautiful garments but at the same time do her part to save the environment.

St Bernard is a Trinidad-born, US-based designer with a clothing line called Tabii Just which is socially consious and environmentally sound.

This talented woman is creating sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion in New York City. She expressed concern about the astounding amount of waste which occurs in the fashion industry. St Bernard has a zero waste policy and is so emphatic about the stance she has taken that after completing a design, left over fabric is used to create shopping, travel and make-up bags. She is also currently in talks with a toy maker to use slivers of left over fabric to stuff her toys.

This beautiful and talented woman gave up a well-paying job in the field of human services to pursue her dream of becoming a designer. We introduce her to you this week.

From St Bernard to our real woman Aimi Maharaj, a self-made businesswoman who lived by planting and selling her vegetabes.

She now operates as vendor in Wallerfield and regaled writer Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson on her tales of survival. Two different women, living separate lives, but having one significant thread in common: the ability to survive against amazng odds. We have combined St Bernard and Maharaj's stories with other interesting features and profiles to interest and entertain. Don't miss what writer Akilah Holder has to say in her piece entitled "Lessons learnt from the story of Abraham and Sarah".

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