Sunday, February 25, 2018

Editor's note

ANYA Edgy, Sexy, Powerful

She proved she was made of steel when she survived the most heartrending episode in her life, when what was supposed to be private became public for the world to see. The ridicule she suffered was devastating but what was undoubtedly poignantly felt by Anya Ayoung Chee turned into her "AHA!" moment.

She did not wallow in self-pity, but instead built inner strength and tapped into her creativity. She refused to sink into oblivion.

What eventually emerged was a fascinating portrait of a creative and ambitious mind and quite an enterprising and confident individual.

The winner of one of America's most highly rated reality shows Project Runway Season 9 is doing just fine and doing what she does best letting her creative juices flow and showcasing her designs to the world.

The designer who launched "Carnival is Colour" her spring/summer 2013 collection last Thursday on the Avenue shared some of those said designs with us as well as some of the costumes she designed for Tribe Mas Band.

Her artistry was captured in an amazing photo shot by talented photographers Laura Ferreira and Wyatt Gallery. She graces our cover.

There were numerous responses to our controversial issue piece "Mummy I am a lesbian" on January 20. We reveal what some readers had to say this week.

Also in our issue this week the big woman in cricket, Stephanie Power, is featured, while Teri Leigh Dieffenthaller tells us how to get healthy in 14 days.

It seems as if everywhere you turn there is a sense of revelry. Mas camps are burning the midnight oil as they put the final touches on costumes, soca artistes are polishing up their lyrics and stage presentation for Fantastic Friday, and the sound of the pan permeates the air as most of T&T gets ready for Carnival 2013.

Please enjoy and remember be kind to each other.


Angela Martin

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