Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Editor's note

The Carnival is over ...now it's on to other things

The wining and jamming is over and a sense of normalcy has returned to this twin Island state.

As I write on Thursday February 14 many lovers are preparing to go out on romantic dinners, open beautiful gifts with candles and flowers in the midst, hold their loved one close and celebrate yet another Valentines Day.

That was then, today however is Sunday and we are introducing you to the beautiful cellist Wasia Ward, who graces our cover and telling you all about The Caribbean's Next Top Model which premieres tomorrow night on TV6.

For those reality show lovers this is certainly their cup of tea as 23 young women vie for title of The Caribbean's Next Top Model and our girl Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam with her pizzazz and style promises to do us proud and make it a show which we will tune into week after week. Fitzwilliam has not only stepped up her game as the show's host but as producer as well.

Writer Nicole Farrell, noted for her satirical wit, tells us about the 10 things you should not have to witness on Carnival Monday and Tuesday but which she was forced to see. Needless to say it makes for a light read and quick laugh. As far as beauty goes many women opt for botox, we thought we should enlighten you a little about the procedure. There is also our health piece on the right foods for women by Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson, our Real Woman by Kimberly Castillo and a story on Fya Empress who made her debut on the International Soca Monarch stage and plans to turn Trinbagonians on to her music.

US-based correspondent Allan Wesley continues to instruct women on their relationships choices and we continue to offer interviews and articles which are both interesting and entertaining. Please enjoy remember kindness and love to others.

Angela Martin


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