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How to tone those...flabby arms

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Flabby arms are not a woman's favourite thing. Along with tight abs, firm legs and a good butt it seems that women want toned and defined arms. This is how you achieve toned arms.

How to tone flabby arms in six weeks

The first thing you need to realise is that this workout/diet is not going to be easy. It is going to take a fair amount of strength on your part. But, if you can hold on and do the work you can guarantee some pretty special results.

Week One: Make some diet changes

In the first week you are going to be changing your diet. What you are going to do is gradually cut out all man-made foods and replace them with natural and fresh foods. You are going to cut out pasta, bread, soda and junk food and replace them with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, free range eggs and so on. What you need to do in this week is spend time shopping for healthy foods and find recipes for dinner and lunch that will taste good but also be made solely of natural foods.

Hint: Asian dishes are great!

Week Two: Begin your weight training programme

Weight training is going to be a crucial part of this six week programme. The reason for this is because weight training is the primary way to burn calories and turn your body into and fat burning machine. Fat hates muscle. The two don't work well together. And muscle always wins. But don't worry, you will not end up looking like a huge bodybuilder. All that will happen is the fat on your body will start to be replaced with firm and healthy muscle. In short, your body will firm up.

Your weight training programme is going to consist of these compound exercises and these sets and reps:

Squats 4 x 10

Bench Press 4 x 10

Pull Ups 2 x 10

Dips 2 x 10

Barbell Bicep Curls 4 x 10

Overhead Presses 4 x 10

These exercises use lots of muscles at once and as such are a great way to get yourself in shape quickly. What you are going to do is spend week two learning and practising these exercises. Make a time with a gym instructor and tell them you want to learn these exercises for your new workout.

Technique is Queen! Do not perform weights with a bad technique or you will end up with bad results and possible injuries. Learn them well and always consult a professional.

You are to do this workout three times a week. It should take no longer than an hour. The first number denotes the number of sets you are going to do. The second number indicates the number of repetitions. So if it says 4 x 10 that means you will do the exercise for 10 repetions and do it four times. And 10 does not just mean 10 reps with any old weight. No! It means you pick a weight that allows you to ONLY perform 10 reps. Got it?

You will continue with this workout for the whole six weeks. You can do it any day you like as long as you leave at least one day in between each workout.

Week Three: Add some

cardio to the mix

Your task this week is to start adding in some cardio to your weight training workout. You can do any type of cardio you like but it must be done on the day that you DON'T do a weights workout. For example, if you do weights on Monday you should do cardio on Tuesday.

Pick a highly intense form of cardio like kick boxing or hill climbing. Make it fun and interesting. You can do it for as long as you want but make an effort to start doing it this week. If you really want to see results try and add at least three sessions in.

Week Four: Start adding a

protein shake to your day

This week continue with all the other stuff but also start adding a protein shake to your day. You can drink it at one of three times: morning tea, afternoon tea or post workout. Any of these will do at this stage.

The protein shake should be made of natural ingredients like raw milk, free range eggs, banana and whey protein powder. Have this drink as a replacement to your regular meal. This is a wonderful way to boost your training progress as well as burning some pesky fat.

Week Five: Pick Up the Pace

Week five is going to be all about intensity. By this stage of the programme you should be past the feelings of tiredness and past the sugar cravings. You should be feeling fit, healthy and inspired at your new progress.

Using this inspiration you should start to pick up the intensity. You have had over a month's practice of weight training and by now you should be pretty good at the exercises. Endeavour to add more weight and a little bit more speed this week. Run faster, lift heavier, become more intense. That is the motto of this week.

You should also start to shift your cardio workouts to before your first meal of the day. This is a special technique that allows you to burn fat instead of available calories because your body hasn't had anything to eat yet. If you cannot manage to get up and workout before breakfast then you should do it after dinner.

Week Six: Make a vow

Week six is not about training. Of course, you should keep doing what you are doing but the emphasis of this week is on something new. Mental toughness.

This week you should make a vow to yourself that you will continue training well and eating healthy for the rest of your life. You see, losing weight and firming up is easy. Maintaining it is hard.

Go somewhere quiet and peaceful that you like to go. Go there alone. Take a pen and some paper and write down your goals and your vow. Then keep it on you at all times. This is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy for your entire life.

Take a vow and mean it.

Post Programme Follow Ups

After the six weeks is up you should start to become more adventurous and experiment with new weights workouts and new exercises. Try some pump classes or some yoga. Start experimenting with exercise and really learn to enjoy it.

There are a whole host of weights exercises out there that are called isolation exercises. These exercises deal with one muscle group at a time. For example, the concentration curl just works the biceps and the lateral side raise just works the shoulders. You should try to find out more about these exercises and add them to your routine when you feel like it.

This programme is fail safe. The hardest part is believing in yourself and not giving up too early. 90 per cent of people give up when it gets tough. Make sure you are one of the 10 per cent.