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Interior Design trends for 2013



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Happy 2013! Hopefully everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed all of the New Year's festivities!!!

Interior Design in 2013 will reflect the old and new, with antique furniture and digital prints both in vogue.

Take these top decor trends for 2013 from design experts, manufacturers and trend forecasters around the world. They're fresh, fun and sure to bring good fortune to any home.

It's Easy Being Green

The Green element in home design will only keep growing (excuse the pun). Pantone recently named Emerald Green the colour of 2013. Get ready to see this lush hue everywhere from bud vases to window treatments. If a green accent wall intimidates you, opt for more subtle touches that incorporate the shade into a larger design, such as an area rug.

A Case of the Blues

Monaco Blue, Pantone's "it" colour for spring, is a vibrant hue. It's a versatile shade that looks good standing alone or mixed with graphic patterns, which are also en vogue for next season. Look for blue to be used as more of a neutral colour in 2013.


Patterns are still big. This year fretwork and geometric patterns are still going strong, but Chinoiserie prints are back (many of the prints will be a modern take on the traditional Chinoiserie)! Patterns will also become more inspired by Folklore, specifically prints influenced by African Tribal art. From stripes, animal prints and tribal prints…pattern will be one of the leading trends for 2013!

Bringing the outdoors in

Exposed elements will gain popularity in architecture and interiors this year. Surfaces made of stone and wood ones that show off natural grains help bring the rustic look of the outdoors into the modern home. The line between indoor and outdoor continues to blur, surround yourself with fibres from outdoors. Use rattan, wicker, hemp, bamboo and jute to bring the outdoors inside. Find these fibres in baskets, rugs, curtains, pillows and more.

Metropolitan Style

For 2013, look for a mixture of modernity and upscale boutique hotel. For this style, think of furnishings with clean lines and an industrial feel.


We'll also see more Lucite used in ways we may not have thought possible. Lucite, and any clear material for that matter, is excellent for use in interior design for small or smaller spaces because it allows your eye to visually move through the piece of furniture.


Expressed in precious metals (gold, silver), gemstones and jewel tones are being used on every space imaginable from fabric to furniture to accessories to wallpaper.


The biggest sense to focus on. Fabrics and finishes should all be touchable, textures with warmth and depth. 2013 will be about experiencing and engaging in your home rather than passing by it. Think of natural materials with texture and neutral tones.

Homey Kitchens

Kitchen design is moving toward a more organic modernism with warm, modern materials that look vintage: slate, irregular floors, weathered concrete, natural crackle-glazed tiles that look handmade. Less slick kitchens!

New VS Old

This trend is blending generations through design with collections of old and new…. handmade and technology. Reincarnation of old furniture with new finishes will also evoke this trend.

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