Thursday, January 18, 2018

Is this called havng fun?

Where is your dignity?


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Dear Readers:

"Are Humans getting dumber?"

The question above, the picture below, and some quotes in this column are taken from Jedidiah Becker for Your Universe Online.

Why this column today on Carnival Sunday? Is it really relevant? Perhaps. Because here we are celebrating so many years of this unbelievable explosion of creativity and breathless talent, but tomorrow you will still see costumes that could have been recycled form the 1980s.. in other words not only beads and feathers, but the unfortunate behaviour of particularly one gender.. yes, WOMEN.

Quote: "A professor of pathology and developmental biology at Stanford University's Crabtree Laboratory believes there's cause to suspect that humanity's intellectual prowess may actually be eroding, and at an astonishing rate. In a recent paper titled "Our Fragile Intellect," Professor Gerald Crabtree opens his discussion with an odd statement: "I would be willing to wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions. We would be surprised by our time-visitor's memory, broad range of ideas and clear-sighted view of important issues. I would also guess that he or she would be among the most emotionally stable of our friends and colleagues." End of quote.

Professor Crabtree feels that not only were the Greeks of the 1000 BC era more intelligent, but that all our ancestors wherever they came from, would be more emotionally stable than we are today.

If you look at the seven silhouettes above and number them (from the left), one to seven we can see that the last one looks very much like the first, the only difference being the marvellous computer to which so many of us have become enslaved. This attachment to all things technical has caused many of us to stop using our brain. Now, though in this season of kaiso when one of the strong showings was the calypso "Women rule the World" (by I think that prolific songwriter GB), I feel that even if these words are true, at Carnival in T and T, many women let themselves down. Down, down, down to the pits!

Some of the costumes may look the same as the 1980s beads and feathers, feathers and beads (covering smaller and smaller areas of the body), but the behaviour of so many women now, far surpasses how people behaved then. It is now so vulgar. And please, though some young calypsonian who at Skinner Park sang - on behalf of the youth - that they have been handed "A Tainted Legacy", give me a break, the names Marilyn Munroe and Elizabeth Taylor were the wrong names to call. As far as I know they did not behave in a vulgar manner in public. Nope, it was behind closed doors.

OK, some women young and (unfortunately) not so young, have a burning desire to let it all hang out not only figuratively but literally, however, should they not be at least trying to use their brain? Is there not some voice up there saying "cool down, stop being a sandwich and stop being the meat between the gyrating man (or woman), in front of you and the grinding man (or woman), behind you"?

I am absolutely no prude or a fuddy-duddy, but to me the "gyrations" by some on the streets last year, particularly by the members of one extremely large (I think new), band were and there is no other word for it obscene.

So you want to be with it, you want to be "fierce" with your independence, you want to be edgy with it cool hot show everyone that you are WOW! But what about self-control and your self- esteem? Are you thinking about STDs? What happens after Carnival? Think, think, and use the brain.

I know the costumes and the bands this year will be brilliant and out of sight, and I know, "You're ready for the Road", but be wise, be safe!

Next week a story about the after effects of last year's Carnival.