Friday, February 23, 2018

LUXURIOUS skin for Carnival


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Our skin is at maximum exposure during Carnival time, and most women become more conscious of its tone and texture.

So how do we ensure that we prepare it for the long hours of sun exposure and prevent any harmful sun damage while maintaining a nice tone?

Get lotions that contain retinol. This increases the skin's ability to maintain its elasticity and youthful glow. It not only reduces the signs of wrinkles but it adds a visibly firmer texture when used over time. Exfoliate once a week. This makes a big difference and boosts the skin's radiance.

For oily skin, use products that contain glycolic or salicylic acids to do the job, or tea tree oils for those with sensitive skin. I find that using skin re- texturising complex (found at most beauty counters) works beautifully as well. Use eye creams daily. The eyes are the first place to show fatigue or ageing. The skin is much thinner in texture, so the more protection the better. Also top up on antioxidants, this keeps the skin clear and free of most blemishes.


Make-up and Text: Kirk Thomas

Photographer: Calvin French

Hair: Bally

Model: Stara Bally

Costume: Harts Carnival 2013 J'Taime

Jewelry: House of Jaipur

FACEBOOK: Kirk Thomas Makeup Artistry