Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ladies, flaunt flowing dresses& Tapered for the festive season


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PHOTOGRAPHER Calvin French continued his search this week to find interesting and wear-able options for the season...and again at the right price.

He returned to Woman Express with great news sharing that he visited some of the Micles outlets and fell for the new collection of Msquared; Meiling 's secondary line which they produce at amazing price points.

Calvin shared "Everything was $200 and $300 so the price points were amazing. I'm in love with the knits and fabrics, they are easy to care for.

Flowing dresses, tapered ones, tops in all shapes and sizes...even denim jackets and pencil skirts. The items come in all the strong and bright colours that allow to colour block and combine easily. I photographed a few pieces and the models were even fighting to wear them all so the shoot was lots of fun. Hope you like!"