Thursday, December 14, 2017

Listen up ladies this is MAKE-UP IN MINUTES


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Most working women want the type of make-up that looks flawless and has very little maintenance, but worry about the limited time they have to apply make-up, so I created today's look to be versatile, for women who have a hectic day and also for those who are more fashion conscious.

The first and most important thing is having a complete array of cosmetics; the finish is as important as the start. A lot of women are content with just powder and foundation, but I always say, a plain face is like a house with no furniture, it is very important to bring back structure into the make-up as most features disappear with just foundation and powder, so don't be afraid to expand outside your comfort zone. The basic products are foundation, loose powder, blush or bronzer, eye shadow, lipstick or lip-gloss, eye pencil and mascara. It's all about defined eyes, soft, glowing skin and smooth lips.

To start, prep the skin with some oil-free lotion and let it breathe for a minute before you apply your foundation. I like to experiment a lot so if you are willing to try some new tricks take a glittered cream and mix with a liquid foundation, make sure it's water-based so that it doesn't separate when mixed, and use this to give that sparkly glow that glides smoothly on the skin. Absorb the excess oils with some facial tissue before applying a light coat of loose powder. Foundations that are greasy tends to absorb a lot of powder giving that cake-like appearance, so be wary of the formulas you choose to buy. Contrary to popular belief, its better to have a lighter textured foundation for a long day as heavy ones require more maintenance. Your blush or bronzer should have a slight velvet texture so that it gives a glaze on the cheekbones. Make sure to emphasise the inner cheeks, and for the lips use a rich, long-lasting lip colour in taupe or mauve, and use a clear crystal gloss over it.

The eyes for this kind of look could be a solid colour for quick impact or a slight blue/brown shade is very trendy for soft highlighted eyes. As you can see, the look can make a very powerful impression when it's done properly, so start practising your look now so when the busy days start coming, you would be prepared.


Make-up,Text: Kirk Thomas

Photography: Kerron Riley

Model: Leah Marville

Swimsuits: MoodSwings

Location: Hyatt Regency Trinidad

Facebook: Kirk Thomas Makeup Artistry