Saturday, December 16, 2017

Memorable and/or romantic New Year's Eve moments


Kimba Sorzano

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Everyone has a New Year's Eve tradition. Some go to church and then proceed home to spend time with relatives and/or friends; some prefer to attend lavish parties to ring in the new year; while others may just stay at home and find activities that bring them peace or joy. My mother insists on preparing black-eyed peas and rice as she awaits the midnight hour.

Many people's New Year's Eve experiences have been memorable for the most part. It is a night when romance also seems to fill the air.

Several men and women relate their most memorable and/or romantic New Year's Eve night.

Local artiste and super-talented songwriter, Kimba Sorzano, gets very sentimental about this night. "New Year's Eve is really about starting afresh. Unfortunately as a flight attendant, I have grown accustomed to not being at home with family and friends, and that used to be a hard pill to swallow. Some years ago, I was rostered for a London flight on New Year's Eve and the mood was heavy as we ushered in the new year somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, serving chicken, fish or beef! We were dreading the six hours flying time that remained. My supervisor for that flight brought us light drinks and all ten of us made a toast, each saying what we were thankful for. At that very moment, we were with family! That's what we were to each other that night. There couldn't be a more perfect New Year's Eve if I had designed it myself."

Kim reminisced, "I was studying in New York and couldn't afford to come home to Trinidad for Christmas one year and was depressed. My mum and sister knew that from earlier in the year. Long story short, they 'appeared' at my aunt's home where I was staying exactly three minutes to midnight on New Year's Eve. I cried like a baby because we're really close and I found out that they saved money to come up and surprise me. That was the best!"

Sheldon, who has been married for almost 20 years, recalled, "New Year's Eve night is always reserved for spending time with family and friends, praying and having a good time and reflecting on the year that has gone by. My most memorable New Year's Eve night though, was in 1994; that was my first New Year's Eve with my wife."

Jerry's account raised my pores. "I remember as if it was yesterday. It was about 8 o'clock on Old Year's night and I was vex because my car 'break down' again. We usually go out on New Year's and I wasn't sure if the car would fix in time. My son was five years at the time and he came outside and give me his cash pan and say 'Daddy, look, take this and fix yuh car next year, right?'"

Jerry's friend, Terrence, shared his story. "Me and my grandfather was real close and he died on December 31 2007. That changed my plans for that night. I stayed up watching through old albums with him in them and – I shouldn't be saying this in front of Jerry – but I actually cry myself to sleep that night. That man raised me from a baby. Old Year's night can't pass without me thinking about my grandfather. I stop going out and party; I stay home."

Millicent smiled broadly as she spoke. "My most memorable was one full of pain!" I jerked my head back in shock, making her hurry to add, "No, no, I gave birth on that night! My first child was born ten minutes before midnight. We had no real time to get to the hospital. Luckily, my mother's friend who was a midwife was living two streets away so she 'ran' across and took control of the madness. It was crazy and frightening but it was so special. I never see my husband so nervous but he was a gem."

Now 99.9 per cent of women would wish that their new year could start off this way. Danielle shared her heart-stopping New Year's Eve moment. She recounted, "The most romantic/memorable would be the night my fiancé proposed last year!!! My boyfriend made a dinner reservation at the Hilton Poolside Terrace restaurant and about 15 minutes to midnight, the DJ starting playing "Only Girl In The World" by Rihanna. A waiter then brought a huge white plate with the words 'WILL YOU MARRY ME' drizzled in chocolate in front of me with a ring box in the centre.

Of course I was stupefied for a few seconds and then my boyfriend was on one knee next to my chair with the ring box in hand and a disgustingly beautiful ring inside. He was so nervous when I said yes, he put the ring on the wrong hand! I might have handed him the wrong hand also but who cares! I'm engaged to the love of my life!"

Whether we experience euphoria or warm, fuzzy feelings on New Year's Eve night, it is a special night. However you choose to spend your night, please be safe. May God's richest blessings grace your lives for 2013 and beyond!