Friday, December 15, 2017

Men and their hair

cleansing, grooming & hair loss


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Your hair is so important to your overall look, you can look well-groomed everywhere else, but if your hair is a mess, that's all people are going to notice. Guys this is just as true for you as it is for the ladies, so do not take your hair for granted. Create your own regimen and stick to it to help present an attractive image from your head down.

One of the first steps you should take is to book an appointment at a good salon; you want to make sure your hairstyle suits your face, so ask a professional for advice. Make sure the chosen hairstyle is one you can manage on a daily basis.

Using your bar soap or body wash as your shampoo is not going to make the grade; instead use a shampoo that is suitable, if you use styling products on your hair find a shampoo specifically designed to rid your hair of any product and leave it clean. Also, it is important you know that cheap shampoos contain foaming agents that dry out hair. The key is to use a quality hair cleanser targeted toward your particular hair type. Most shampoos are designed for everyday use and should be used daily or at least three times a week, especially if you play sports regularly or frequent the gym and if you are exposed to the sun daily for prolonged periods of time as a part of your job. In the shower, place a small amount into palms and rub hands together to distribute, gently massage shampoo into the hair and scalp with fingertips. Leave in for a minute and then rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water.

Conditioners are key to healthy hair for a variety of reasons, including their ability to: enhance appearance and feel, increase body and volume, facilitate styling and improve overall smoothness, gloss and shine. They also improve the texture of hair that's been damaged by environmental factors and help replace natural oils that may have been removed by harsh shampoos. Most conditioners are designed to be used daily; for maximum benefit, conditioners should be left on for two minutes before rinsing well with lukewarm water.

When it comes to styling your hair, do not use too much styling product as it will leave your hair looking greasy. Knowing what prod-uct to use and what that product is best for is vital to your regimen selections. Pomades are best suited for sleek, shorter or texturised styles; waxes add shine and control to short styles; muds/ fibers are great for dishevelled and longer styles; creams control frizz, flyaways and work well on conservative styles; gels provide strong holds and wet looks; and hairsprays create volume and greater control.

The most common form of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness); factors that cause this type of hair loss are heredity, diet and illness/medication. Heredity: Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a derivative of testosterone that increases as men age. DHT blocks blood flow to the scalp and damages hair follicles, affecting hair growth. Diet: fatty foods affect hormones, which can lead to increased DHT production. Also, caffeine dehydrates the scalp, leading to oil production, which in turn clogs hair follicles and prevents normal growth. Illness/ medication: illness or strong medications can temporarily result in sudden hair loss. To care for your thinning hair, choose water-based products that won't leave a heavy residue and weigh hair down, while providing volume and lift. A thickening shampoo and conditioner would help as well. Keep the cut short and choppy and it will appear fuller, longer hair will make hair appear thin and stringy. There are also many products and surgical procedures available to help make men a little more comfortable with their thinning hair, such as hair plugs and hair transplants, toupees (custom designed wigs for men), cosmetic hair thickeners and the list goes on and on. All products claiming hair regrowth or aiding in hair loss must be FDA approved, so be sure to do your research before investing your time and finances in any of the above or others claiming the same.