Thursday, February 22, 2018

Men's secret Santa wish list


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You THINK you know what your boyfriend or husband wants for Christmas but you have no idea…! Many times a Christmas gift can remain in your possession or in your memory for years, right?

Well, what do you suppose some men would love for Christmas that would hopefully last forever?

I asked the male darlings this question.

Suppose you've been a really good boy — okay, man — this year. What do you wish Santa — in the form of your girlfriend/wife — would give you, that is not in the form of material gifts?

Now I did tell them that they could have fun with their answers so women, don't be too offended.

Stephen, thought for a few seconds, "I would like it if she would just leave me alone for six months, starting Boxing Day. No calls, no Skype, no emails. It's just that she is real clingy and sometimes I need my space. I have a home office and she is a housewife so she's always up in my space with some irrelevant talk. I treat her well, I provide for her, I don't beat her or 'lime' late or anything. Six months; all I ask."

Nando said, "You know, for some reason, my wife and I 'fall out' every Christmas morning. Something bound to start a quarrel and that woman always have to have the last say. She could just let me win one argument; just one. I am a very quiet man and as soon as I get my pay, I give her all the money. If she could let me win one argument, I will be the happiest man on earth."

Dennison, I am sure would make women's hearts flutter a bit. He contributed, "I would only like her to keep loving me more and more each day because no one is perfect, especially men. We deserve some love and affection too." (Smile) Good answer, Dennison!

Keegan offered, "I wonder if she could not make me go by her mother on Christmas Day? If for one year I don't have to hear the mother talk about how much money she spend for curtains and how I don't even give my wife money to buy decorations every year…Tell Santa work on that for me please."

Pablo was as direct as they come. "Learn to bake bread! I want homemade bread on Christmas, not parlour bread. Oh gorsh, man."

Laughing, Matthew said, "I wish that my girlfriend could bring her friend, Cherry, by us to spend the day. Cherry bes'! (That means she is 'hot', older folks) Bring Cherry over for some Christmas ham an' ting."

Darson was sweet. "I just want my girlfriend to be with me on Christmas Day. With her job, she sometimes has to work on Christmas Day, so I hope she'll be off. I really miss her on that day especially."

Michael said, "Hmmmm… I want Santa to make sure that my wife gives me a big flat screen TV. I don't want no nice food Christmas Day or any 'I love you' or no set of family coming over talking loud in my head. Big flat screen TV."

Carson was sentimental. "The real reason for the season is God and family. I want my wife to tell me that she loves me. I know, it sounding corny eh but it's true. Once she love me, nothing else can bother me."

So you have been edified. Will they get their Christmas wish? For some, yes; for others, well, seeing that we don't have chimneys for Santa to squeeze down into…

Merry Christmas to all of you! May we all truly remember the reason for the season!

I take this opportunity to wish my colleagues at the magazine a Christmas holiday full of love, peace and precious moments!