Sunday, February 25, 2018

Oh, those reversible dresses Fashion finds for Christmas 2012


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Express Woman's resident fashion photographer Calvin French went out into the market in search of the new finds and happenings for the holidays. He came back to us and declared "you actually don't have to spend lots of money to look the part." He continued..."My first stop was at Peter Elias and I fell in love with these maxi reversible dresses in different colours that are $400. They're so versatile and elegant...and so easy to wear for the season...anyone can wear them and look good. Another combo I found was layering a striped throw-jacket over some coloured-tube pieces; again very reasonable and yet so chic! Accessorising was so easy and fun too, waisted-belts and bold necklaces are a huge trend.

I remember from my days in Italy when Valentino would say 'it's more about how you combine elements into the look' and this exercise reminded me of this exactly. Next week I will share other finds again at moderate prices to enlighten and inspire...look out for them!"