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Patrice Roberts joins the mix

Simone & Lisa are back for Carnival 2013


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Seasons Greetings to all our readers! Your S&L Team is back for Carnival 2013 and we welcome the opportunity to connect again with all our readers.

Nothing like a visit back to my childhood home in Vega de Oropouche in Sangre Grande to set me thinking that it would be a wonderful idea to invite Patrice Roberts to be our Fitness Role Model for next year's Carnival Fitness Programme. As it turned out, my sister Vanessa introduced me to Patrice's soca hit "A lil Wine" while at home and after hearing it - the CD was on repeat for the entire day - I was completely sold on whom I should pursue for this year's programme.

Patrice was contacted and she agreed to join this project. I was thrilled to meet someone who in her own words "loves fitness" and is excited to assist in delivering this programme to you come 2013. Hearing this was music to my ears. Her excitement and enthusiasm were genuine and solidified my vision for next year's programme. During the Carnival season, soca artistes don't sleep much; they are constantly on the go, from one engagement to the next. As such, they have to be ever ready or 'functional' to maintain a hectic schedule with the same level of zeal and energy from engagement to engagement! In such a scenario, notwithstanding their God-given talent and stardom, keeping fit is an integral part of their success at their profession. Accordingly, Patrice's appearance in this fitness programme definitely coheres with what I would like for each person in this country: "No matter who you are or what you do, there is some form of fitness for everyone."

I dove right down to the root of Patrice's exercise history. Patrice played cricket and netball back in her community of Toco. She was an ace Goal Shoot for her school Toco Composite, but she admits that after her school years there was no formal routine of exercise. It wasn't until 4 years ago that fellow soca artiste, Destra Garcia advised her to get into exercise and she has not stopped since. She professes that she "feels guilty" whenever she misses her exercise dates. As she says: "It makes me sleep well, boosts my confidence, gives me energy, makes my skin glow, I can handle my hectic schedule." She could go on.

Patrice does not exercise alone, but is guided by her personal trainer, Steven Dillon, whom she adores very much and gives credit for her consistency in fitness. A factor that I like a lot since I'm a personal trainer myself is that it is our clients who make us grow, thrive and challenge us to become better. Patrice primarily engages in resistance/weight training and light cardio at the gym and does so at least 3 times per week. Her trainer plans intense routines for her, ensuring that she maximises her hour.

On the topic of clients, Lisa Bourne is my client and is one the major reasons I am writing today. She is the client that has inspired the Simone and Lisa Carnival Fitness Programme. She, like Patrice and I, loves fitness for innumerable reasons and lives the fitness lifestyle in earnest. I sometimes call myself the fitness teacher. I can't go into why I do now, but picture this; I am the 'teacher' of my clients. Lisa is an industrious client. I say industrious because her approach is one of such. I do not mean just performing exercises, but her interest, timeliness and attendance is outstanding. Lisa loves the Carnival season and has played for at least 15 years. She would also be writing some of the articles in this column.

So for the next 6 weekends tune in to the "Simone and Lisa Carnival Fitness Programme 2013 featuring Patrice Roberts"! What can you expect? Be prepared to see Patrice in functional flexibility poses, training 'functionally' with Lisa using functional tools such as the 'Vipr' and the 'Rip Trainer', get insights into her diet, see her as she joins the 'lethal' Poison Ivy women's run group, and also look out for the Simone, Lisa and Patrice Fitness Tip & Fitness Trivia Corner! This and much more.

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Do have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from Patrice Roberts, Lisa Bourne and myself.

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Fitness Wear: Body by Brazil courtesy SG

Photographer: Gary Jordan

Make-Up: Bridget Pouchet

Fitness Wear: Body by Brazil courtesy SG Simone Gonzales