Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Post-Carnival effects on the hair


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A lot of us during Carnival visited the magnificent beaches our twin islands have to offer. As we enjoy ourselves we must take the necessary steps to protect our hair. Remember once you are kind to your hair, your hair will be kind to you.

Carnival has come and gone so let us take this time to treat our hair with love as we also celebrated Valentine's Day a week ago.

Side effects of sun damage to your hair include split ends from hell, locks so dry and brittle that a horse could mistake them for hay, a nightmare of frizz and worst of all it looks fried and unhealthy.

On hot days we overexpose our hair, we slather sun creams on our bodies but forget to protect our glorious manes. Just as you should wear an SPF, you should protect your hair every day too.

Salt water and chlorine can also kill off glossy locks. An easy way to protect your hair against this damage is to drench it in fresh water before swimming in the sea or pool, and rinse it afterwards. Hair is like a sponge and can only absorb so much water, so make sure it soaks up clean water first.

Deep treatments are great for the hair. Leave-in conditioners sometimes dry out your hair, a little used and dilluted is recommened and is great for the hair.

Now let's touch on the effects of sweat and your hair. Sweat build up from your hair tends to get lodged in your hair and on your scalp. This creates a layer of salt on your hair and scalp, which leads to dry brittle hair and eventually can lead to breakage. Also, maintaining a healthy scalp means maintaining healthy hair.

On our scalp there are many tiny pores but sweat can sometimes get absorbed by the pores as well. Hence, sweat can damage your hair and scalp health. To avoid the damaging effects of sweat on the your hair, it is important you get rid of sweat on your hair and scalp once you are done with your workout. A mild shampoo and conditioner can be used every time.

Happy Styling!

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