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The Simone and Lisa Carnival Fitness programme 2012


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Enjoy the Mas! You've done all that you can do to get that body in shape to feel and look fit on the road. Congratulations to all those who have made an effort to do some form of exercise and to those who have not yet begun, I hope you do so in the near future. This week, as Lisa puts it, "its polish and shine week", lighter weights, stretching and perhaps a massage are all good to take you comfortably through mas Monday and Tuesday. Of course you would want to stay hydrated during the day, so do have your water regularly to decrease your risk of fatigue.

As you may know by now fitness in this camp is not seen as a seasonal activity but rather as an essential factor for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Thus, the articles presented before were meant to inspire and hopefully instill in some the importance of exercise and the many aspects of one's life that it can impact upon positively.

Lisa, who leads her section in Tribe, revels in Carnival and has a true love for the mas. She is ready for the road! Lisa wishes all a great Carnival.

To wrap up for 2012, I want to thank Lisa for continuing to display her passion for fitness and for sharing in this programme. Her outlook and positive attitude towards fitness have affected others to begin exercise and also to stay motivated towards it. Great appreciation to the Fitness Centre Ltd as their support made the job of delivering the exercises to you an easy one. My thanks go out also to the Jack and Gonzales families for their continued love and support and most importantly, I thank the Woman Express for affording me the opportunity to share this message of fitness and positivity with the national community week after week.

Many times we hear about great trainers or coaches making great players or enhancing someone's life. In this instance it is you who are reading this article today, my clients and positive well wishers who keep me motivated. I thank God for letting me see my mission and for the joy I receive when I deliver my work. I leave you with some pictures of the "Carnival weekend workout events" which my clients and their friends did in their preparation for Carnival 2012!

Happy Carnival!!!!!

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