Friday, January 19, 2018

Sexy smoky eyes


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A smoky eye is usually called the ultimate in sexy make-up, I agree. You want the right balance and precision however, so with that being said, here is how to get it. For the lips, use a rich, long-lasting lip colour in taupe or nude pinks and use a clear crystal gloss over it for that slight dazzle. For the smoky eyes, don't be afraid to go bolder than usual.

Smoky doesn't mean frightening or ghoulish, but instead sultry and sophisticated. Gently line the upper and lower lash-line with your eye-pencil then, using a small brush, take any shade of deep eyeshadow and smudge over the lined area to create a softened texture. Use a medium shade and go over the creases blending slowly upwards. With a nude shade of shadow, I used a pale peach to highlight the brow bones.

To finish this power look, take a bit of neutral glitter shadow or metallic pencil and place an slightly exaggerated amount on the inner eye areas.


Make-up & Text: Kirk Thomas

Photography: Calvin French

Facebook: Kirk Thomas Makeup Artistry