Monday, January 22, 2018

Short & Chic


Bob with bangs

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Asymmetrical bob

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The allure of short hairstyles for many females comes from the ease of maintenance. There's

no doubt that caring for short hairstyles is much simpler than for longer hair. It (short hair) requires less shampoo and less drying time, and less products than long hair does in most cases. These are unquestionable advantages of short hair, but it is important to also remember that short hairstyles bring the focus to your facial features, and as such the cut should be chosen based on your face shape (amongst other factors).

Short hair requires different maintenance than does long hair, and the choice of hair products for short hair will differ from those you would use for long hair as well. Short hairstyles require more trimming than longer styles would in order to keep the shape of your cut looking its best, and should be done every three to five weeks.

While short cuts may tend to give a more casual feel or appearance, this is not to say that they cannot be worn formally as well. Both casual and formal looks can be achieved with different styling techniques and also the ways they are worn or played up for special occasions. The most popular short dos right now are pixie cuts and the bob.

Pixie cuts are one of the best short haircuts for going day to night. This cut which is quite short and close to the head is best suited for those with straight hair or for the more gamine personalities amongst us who are not afraid to make a bold statement. To also ensure your pixie cuts stay in place through the evening, run some product, such as mousse through it to maintain its staying power. On the other hand, for a more casual feel, run some styling wax or molding pomade through your hair and rough it up with your fingers for a funky finish.

The bob is one of the most classic and timeless short haircuts. Asymmetrical bob cuts where one side is left a little longer to give a more trendy and creative look and are very popular. A classic bob where both sides are left a bit longer, frames the face for a hairstyle that looks sharp and tailored. Other options that can be incorporated into your cuts are short cuts with bangs which are great options to conceal prominent foreheads or deep forehead (expression) lines that you may find unappealing. The choice of bang from long and sweeping to edgy and blunt is up to your preference.