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Simone, Lisa & Patrice say 'we ready' & take care of your skin!

The Simone and Lisa Carnival Fitness programme featuring Patrice Roberts 2013


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Wow! How time has flown! We have come to the end of this Carnival Programme for 2013. It was an absolute pleasure having Ms Patrice Roberts on this programme. She has rekindled the inspiration in me to continue to share fitness with as many as I can. Before I share her closing words, let's look at how diet and exercise affect a very important organ of the body the skin. But first a bit about the functions of the skin.

The skin acts as a physical barrier against microorganisms, ultraviolet (UV), abrasions, dehydration and pollution. Some of the skin's functions are to regulate body temperature, excrete waste and to synthesise Vitamin D (crucial in bone health). Having sufficient muscle mass allows for the skin to look firm and defined. We do know that aging and genetics can have a negative effect on our skin but additionally, environmental factors such as free radicals from smoking, sunlight and pollution can also have a negative effect.

In Patrice's closing words, she mentions that exercise "makes her skin glow". That I know is true because although I had a prolonged acne condition, nevertheless after a dose of exercise, particularly after aerobic exercise, my face would sparkle! Martina M Cartwright, PhD, RD of the IDEA Health and Fitness Association in her article "Recipe for Great Skin" explains beautifully the benefits of exercise to the skin. She points out that increased muscle tone can improve skin appearance by firming the foundation that underlies tissue. "Regular exercise keeps skin vibrant by increasing blood flow, which bathes skin tissue in oxygen and vital nutrients, encouraging new cells to form and whisking away damaging toxins. Aerobic exercise increases facial vascularisation and oxygenation that creates a rosy luminance that influences perceptions of age, health and attractiveness". In a research conducted by Cosgrove et al (2007), they found that the repeated physical movement of exercise can make your skin sag but skin dryness and wrinkles were reported in less physically active women.

Diet plays a complementary role to exercise in the building of healthy skin: nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin C, E, D, plant nutrients, grains, minerals and water are essential to glowing skin. Colourful fruits and vegetables loaded with antioxidants and fibre can improve skin tone and appearance. Water is vital for flushing waste products and keeps skin plump and hydrated and 'healthy fats' such as avocadoes, flaxseeds and olive oil have beneficial fat that keep your skin supple. Fish, especially salmon, is full of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids. Basically, getting in a balanced diet can prevent nutrient deficiencies, except I guess for the Vitamin D, the sunshine Vitamin, where a bit of sunlight is needed. You can view the link at the end of today's article for further details on "Recipe for Great Skin".

Tomorrow is Carnival and synonymous with Carnival Monday and Tuesday is sun! Please protect this vital organ the skin, by wearing sunscreen or even a cap. Keep hydrated and be sure to have your breakfast before heading out. I know most of you would tell me "We Ready", so all that's left is to keep yourself safe and to "Take ah Lil Wine", "Bounce" or "Float".

Patrice took time out from here extremely busy schedule to share these words with you: "Working out and focusing on physical fitness is hard work but it is worth every day of pain and discomfort when the end results are seen. I made a conscious decision a little over six years ago to give it a try and physical training along with healthy eating and a beneficial diet has done me tremendously well. It gives you confidence, endurance, energy, helps you sleep better, eat better, your skin glows and of course, gives your body the shape and look that you want. As individuals we are responsible for our appearance and well-being. If you have been thinking about working out, it is never too late. As an entertainer Carnival time is the most hectic for me. Outside of the season I travel a lot but I make time and find time to go to the gym or do some type of workout in my hotel room. If anyone told me before I got into fitness that I would be addicted to it I would have ignored them but I am now; I am a gym-ah-holic! I also want to take time out to thank Simone and Lisa for including me in their project for Carnival 2013, I learned a lot from this series. It was tough but worth every minute of it. These ladies are dedicated to fitness and they look amazing! Best of health and fitness to everyone and enjoy the Carnival!"

Thank you, Patrice. Special thanks to all my readers! And in closing I must also thank Lisa Bourne, The Fitness Centre Ltd, Angella Jack, my parents Cheryl and Ellis Gonzales, the Woman Express crew and the one who lights up my pathway, the Father Almighty. I make special mention of Adanna Asson, publicist for Patrice Roberts: such a pleasant personality, thank you.

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Ref: Cartwright, M, M. "Recipe for Great Summer Skin" - Idea Fitness Journal (2012).

Patrice's Fit Tip and Fitness Trivia Corner

Wear Sunblock: Apply sunscreen prior to sun exposure (at least 20 mins). Make sure that your sunscreen has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 35 or more to protect yourself from all day sun. Reapply your sunblock frequently--about every two hours.

Trivia: What is the body's largest organ?

Answer: The skin